Which spray tan to use?


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May 1, 2012
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Hey everyone

Im new to spray tanning! Did my course but im sooooo confused on what solution to buy!!

I have gone from OMG to Nouvatan then stumbled across Vani T range velocity Rapid!!

Laurens way is a no no my friend looked like an extra from Towie - Orange lol

Oh help me pleaseeeeeeeee :(

Thanks :)

Saz x
Hi Saz! What are you looking for in a solution? Colour wise, ingredients wise, marketing wise... ? Otherwise you're just going to get everyone posting their favourite solution here which has been done a million times before so is probably a little pointless!
There will be so many different recommendations as what one person likes to spray with the next will prefer another!
Personally I LOVE glotanz! It's fairly new so not as well known but the tan is fantastic, the support is great and training if you wanted it (obviously you already did this but just incase you wanted to do more) is very thorough. Well worth checking out.
Hi Catherine
Something that will last, less orangey more olive tones, not sticky, nice smell and easy to spray on the client.

I have heard a lot of good reviews from Nouvatan and Vani T but im at a standstill on which one.

Also the TS50 and HVLP 5008 spray guns..just want to keep cost down at a minimum with starting up but dont want to lose clients from rubbish equipment and terrible fade off tans

Thanks xx

p.s good marketing too xx

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