Which straightners for Brazilian blow dry?


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May 20, 2010
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Hi all,

Just wondered has anyone bought the straighening irons that some manufacturers of the brazilian recomend you buy or are you using the ones you already had?

I did my hair recently, some of you probabaly already saw the thread, and it didn't take, wondered if it was because of my straighteners. I have GHDs, and also Kodos, they are supposed to heat upto 230c but I do wonder. Am about to start using it on my clients and really don't fancy having to repeat the process after their first wash!

Thanks you all
I personally use my ghd's and dont have a problem!!:lol:
For the Brasilian blowdry I use FHI Platform. You can set them at 220. GHD are not hot enough really.
I have the new BaByliss PRO Advanced Ceramic styler, its brilliant!! It reaches 230C in about 30 seconds and you can drop the temp down to about 140C which is good for people with thinner hair. It was only £50 too!! I prefer it to my old GHD that blew up, it was the second one that blew up and I have given up spending all that money on GHD!
Cool , thanks Ladies.

Clare I know the one's you mean, a client of mine has them and I use them on her. Great !

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