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May 13, 2004
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Montrose, Scotland
Ok called nsi about my course today (start next monday), was told first day would be mostly theory and i would be shown application of all three systems and could chose which one i would like to continue with.

Originally thought i would like to try acrylic first, as i've always had acrylic nails myself, but i have seen that gel is becoming increasingly popular and have been told thats its much easier to apply.

But i know its not about being easier, its about being a good nail tech and offering a good service. So would love some feedback from you experienced nail geeks, which system should i go with? Will do them both, but need to start with one?
L&P Hun, when you know how to do a cracking L&P nail, you can transfere all that knowledge to the other systems..........
Apex placement aso................
Since I have been doing L&P I have noticed a big change in my Gels and my Fibreglass nails...they look so cool now...........
So L&P would be my first choice.......................
Even though I love my Fabric#with a passion...........
Have to say i agree with Ruth, L&P are great and as Ruth said it will mean you can use what you know for other systems. I did a course where i could try all of them and then decide. Although i found L&P to be hard i still chose it as you can do so much with it, like sculpting etc.

Plus most in my area prefer L&P to gel so that's another deciding factor. do a little research in what people want where you are, you may find more people want gel. Hope this helps.:)
Your ultimate goal should be a thorough knowledge and skill in using all systems, but my advice is to start with Liquid/Powder.

I don't say this because the other systems (Gels and Wraps) are not as good, it is just that more women wear Liquid/ Powder than any other system so it puts you at an advantage businesswise to offer it to your customers first.
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