Who's in the right? So upset - advice please!


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Jul 22, 2013
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Syston, Leicester
I am really need the GEEKS opinions and advice on this situation...
I want to keep it to the facts to keep it short so will be leaving out as much emotion as possible but trust me there is plenty!
· I started renting a room 6 weeks ago.
· I am self employeed.
· I work 4 days a week but pay a monthly rate.
· I verbally agreed with the salon owner that the previous therapist (a relative) could do one job every other Saturday for one hour for a client that would not have anyone else.
· A situation in the salon has changed which means that the owner has requested that the previous therapist come in on a day I am not in and also for a few hours on one of the days that I am in.
· The salon owner is allowing the previous therapist to book clients in on the day that I am not there .
· Next week she has book 2 appointment taking 3 hours out of a day which i am there and paying to use the room for.
· I have briefly mentioned that I am not happy but it fell on deaf ears.
· I have given up a lot to do this (a secure job and savings).
What should I do?
Who’s in the right?
Am I right to be upset?
If you need more info just ask! and please don't worry about your comments I'm normally toughed skinned but being to close to the situation I really need some outside advice.
Thanks L
I would not be happy either. Did you furnish room and leave your products or kit there or is that all provided? Either way the room is yours the full month is you pay a monthly rent and should not he open to other therapists even on your days off unless arranged by you yourself

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I have decorated and furnished the room.
I provide all my own products.
As far as I am aware/ told the other therapist brings in her own products.
Sorry to hear you are having trouble. I'm wondering also if the equipment and products in the room you rent are yours. The other thing I would say is that verbal agreements in business is not a good idea, but I'm sure you can see that now xx
Thats even worse in my opinion as your items could be damaged or used by unethical people. I would be livid. Hope you manage to sort something out x

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Does the manager have an agreement with the previous beauty therapist that you are aware of?
Did the previous BT leave?

Looking at this from your point of view I would not be happy if I had agreed to rent a room and the salon owner is allowing someone else to use it.

Tell the owner you are not happy with this arrangement. I know you already have, but sit them down and explain.

If the other BT is using the room when you are then surely they should be paying rent when they use it. x

Leely x
Hi Leely,

Thanks for your questions. I'll try and answer...
"Does the manager have an agreement with the previous beauty therapist that you are aware of?"
Not that i am aware of, though she is a close family member of the salon owner.

Did the previous BT leave? On maternity but I was advised that due to personnal reason she could not return as she couldn't commit.

I don't know what the situation is with regards to the other BT, i don't think she pays anything and she may keep all of what she earns or split with the owner...really unsure to be honest!

The room was an empty shell with just a sink, lights and a beauty couch....everything else is mine!
I could bring in my own couch as I do have one just haven't because there was one here!
I have put in shelves, units, mirror, products, towels...etc.

Sorry Mobile-hands, just trying to get as much info as possible. Is your renting arrangement by legal agreement or is it verbal too??
We sat down before I started renting and went through lots of info! I asked for a contract but we knew each other and the owner thought we didn't need one and that we could just discuss things if either of us was not happy with something!
Obviously now I wish I did have a paper contract, could kick myself for not insisting as I did everything else right!!!
I probably don't have a leg to stand on, I will have to sit down and make her listen! I don't think she has her business head on because the other BT is a family member, if it doesn't work out after my rent is up I will be going back mobile or looking for another room to rent! X
If you pay for the room for the month it should be yours & yours only. I would not be happy. But sounds like you've invested in the room as well as your business.

If you really want to stay there, id be asking for a reduction in rent or be looking else where.

How awkward for you. I bet the relative doesn't pay anything. Would you be happy to leave and go work mobile ?
Explain it to the owner this way:

It would be the same as renting a house, but when you go away on holiday the owner decides to let his/her family stay in the house.

It's not on.
I would be prepared to go Mobile again if needs must, but I do like working in the Salon - it's easier without having to lug equipment/products etc around and I do have the chance of seeing more clients in the salon compared to when I have to drive from one place to the next.
Wow! I can't believe this! No way is this fair, you have paid your rent and your building your client base. When the room is booked out with the other BT during your time I would be interested to know what the salon owner would do if you had a request at the same time? Say you lost out on a treatment, would she reduce your rent accordingly ? I used to own a salon a rent out to 7 different therapists and never would I do something like this, I would arrange a meeting and make sure your heard. Good luck x
I would always advise an agreement in writing with signatures otherwise 'verbal' situations can only lead to tears. If the owner/manager will not provide a written agreement then I would walk away.

In your current predicament I would leave provided this lady does not revert to your original agreement? You can remove anything that is yours that is not a permanent fixture and anything else belonging to you. I would do it quickly and efficiently as she may try to prevent you from doing so.

I honestly hope for your sake that this does not get nasty. Good Luck x
I'm no beautician but it's like anything when your renting somewhere either to live or to work, you wouldn't rent for the whole month and expect somebody to move in when your not there.

I defiantly wouldn't settle for this, seems to me she is taking the mickey out of you. Especially as you pay for that room on a monthly basis. It has your furnishings and your equipment in there.
You need to discuss this with her, even if you have no contract this isn't right, likeliness is she probably isn't charging her family member and if she is it is probably for peanuts. So is she going to carry on keeping this family member on who doesn't work as many hours as you and lose money? Or will she sort this out. Defiantly confront her about it and tell her your issue and if it's not sorted you will be looking elsewhere.

Hope it gets sorted x
Yep, you must talk to her, make her see reason. If she's going to be unfair I wouldn't stay. I personally would not want to work for a salon, Im associated with a salon because I have known the owner for yonks of years, so have an arrangement where if she has someone who wants thier nails done, she calls me in, it's 2 mins walk from me, and it works well for me, we have a 70/30 deal. infact, she gave me a room to operate from for a summer, rent free because she trusts me ! But i didnt need it as my home salon was going so well. But I work from home mostly, and mobile for 2 old ladies only as I've known them for yonks too.

Is there a chance you could work from home ? It's not for everyone.
That's sounds really unfair, I'd also be worried your going to build up clientele for them and when the family member finishes maternity leave they are planning on her taking over the room.

Hope you get it sorted x
Thinking more about your situation I feel the trust has now been broken and it may work out better in the long run if you leave before things get any worse and learn from it xx
I suppose I'm finding it hard to have the conversation because 1) I feel like I have so much to lose... 2) I really enjoy what I'm doing, 3) the location for me is good, 4) I'm worried that i'll look like I've failed, 5) I do/did (not sure now!!) like the salon owner and other BT as people.

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