Why Wax with Kim Lawless?


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Jan 6, 2010
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I've just finished my female intimate waxing course with Kim and can't praise her highly enough! So to keep this as a discussion and stop it being a blog I will ask this:

Why would you recommend Kim?

I would because I've come away knowing exactly what I need to do, and I don't know how but after the day with her, Kim's given me the confidence to know I can do it! :hug:

What about you?
Thanks so much for the kind words but can we save this until after I've kicked the bucket? LOL. Praise can be saved for my obituary and complaints sent to my lawyer:) Huge hugs for the thought though. :hug:
People need to know of your greatness now so that they can all bow down to The Wax Queen!
I have been waxed by her twice as a model when she is in town and o feel so educated by her on what is truly a great wax!love you kim xxx lol
Well done Kimmi! I need to get on one of your courses pronto! xx:hug:

Well done to you to KaZ!
Just a little update:
I've had clients booked in today, (mainly for me to practice on really) and everything has gone great! I haven't had one problem and I'm not perfect but I'm not bad either :wink2:
Is there 1 place to access course dates please.
I would love to come and do a course with kim after the summer hols but I live "up north" so would need to plan ahead and come down on the day and travel back on same day.

Or any courses planned up here please

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