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Oct 18, 2007
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hello everyone i was just wondering if any one new anything about the world competetion in next may? im entering the fantasy nail art catorgory and need to know what you are being judged on. i wanted to know if anyone of you had entered it before or know anyone that has. thankyou laura ellis:rolleyes:
What world competition ? Do you mean Naillympics or is this something else?
yes i mean the i know when you get judged you are awarded points for different things i just need to know what these are for. im entering the fantasy nail art catorgory. can you help???
No polishes or base coats are allowed on models’ nails prior to the competition.
Only the model & competitor are allowed on the competition floor. The entire costuming and assembly must only be completed by the model and competitor, no additional people may help.
Models must be pre-manicured and ready for polish/paint application.
All pieces or embellishments that will go on the nails may be completely created prior to the competition.
Three dimensional, pre-cast embellishments, feathers, decals, gems, accessories, ornaments or any form of fantasy are allowed – your imagination is the only limitation.
No nail pre-application allowed, all application of the design components must be done during the hour provided – only one hour is allocated for this competition.
It’s recommended that models wear their costume prior to the start of the competition, with just final touches completed during the competition itself.
Keep in mind the costume is a large part of this competition (1-10 points out of a possible 100), as this competition stresses creativity, difficulty and how well the theme of the entire design and costume go together.

These are the rules and regs hope it helps its all on this website hun
Is it your first comp hun?
I think Im gonna pluck up courage and join you!:Scared:
Im liking the look of the mixed media boxed and the fantasy one also. I might enter, got a good few months to decide what to do!

Are these usually themed or is it unlimited? Cant see anything on the website unless im lookin in the wrong page lol
this will be my first entrance into the nailyimpics but not my first competition. i have entered freehand nail art and came 2nd place just half a point behind the winner and that was just 6 weeks after coming into the nail industry i was 16. i have then entered 3 fantasy competitions and gained a 3rd and two more 2nd's. but i recently won the photographic nail art comp in manchester g-mex about 2 weeks ago. so that was really good it was the first time i had entered that.:)

thankyou for those rules that were posted:):):)

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