Young Nails - Can I use ManiQ top coat instead of finish gel over acrylics?


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Oct 18, 2011
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Hayling Island
Hi I have just ordered a trial kit for Young Nails acrylic system. I have the ManiQ range which I think is fantastic which is why I am going to try their other products. The thing is I have the LED lamp for maniQ but cant use this to cure the Finish gel (it says on the website to only use the lamp with the ManiQ range). Do you think it would be ok to use the ManiQ top coat instead? What is the difference between the two does anyone know? ManiQ top coat is acetone resistant also.

Thanks and hope you all have a good easter weekend! xxx
Hi the maniQ topcoat is a soak off gel gloss topcoat whereas the finish gel is a hard gel topcoat. You can cure the maniQ topcoat in a 36watt uv lamp aswell as the LED lamp.
HTH xx
Hi the maniQ topcoat is a soak off gel gloss topcoat whereas the finish gel is a hard gel topcoat. You can cure the maniQ topcoat in a 36watt uv lamp aswell as the LED lamp.
HTH xx

Thanks for your reply. Yeah I know you can use a uv lamp too for ManiQ but after paying out all that money for my LED lamp I dont really want to now have to go and buy a UV lamp aswell just to cure the finish gel on the acrylics. Is it ok to just use the ManiQ topcoat or do I really need finish gel? You can use Mani-Q over acrylics so I assume would use the maniQ top coat in that situation anyway. I dont think the top coat is soak off as you have to buff that off before you can soak off the ManiQ colour as it is acetone resistant.

Im confused :confused:

I think it would be fine to apply the ManiQ top coat:) It wont be as solvent resistant as the hard gel top coat but it would be just as good as applying ManiQ over acrylics and finish with the ManiQ top coat:)

Do their synergy gels not cure in LED? If it doesn't since their ManiQ does I wouldn't be surprised if they redesign their synergy gels to work with LED soon enough:)
The ManiQ top coat is solvent resistant but you need to make sure that you only finish the acrylics with a 180 board as any finer will cause the top coat to lift off. I have had this problem with one of my clients when I ran out of my usual gel top coat. It's fine as long as you finish the nail properly though.:wink2:
Thanks so much for your help! I will use the ManiQ top coat then and make sure i buff the top of the acrylic with a file before I apply.

The LED lamp says recommended only to be used with the ManiQ system. I hope they do make the synergy gel compatible because I would like to switch to their gel too at some point and it will be a pain having to either carry 2 lamps around mobile with me, or have the extra 20 mins cure time doing the ManiQ in the UV lamp. Plus the expense of buying another lamp!

Thanks again :)

I have recently asked a Young Nails educator if the Synergy gel is LED curable. He stated that it is, but the base gel and finish gel are not. He also stated that they are working on getting both of those LED curable too. I asked because I plan on purchasing the Synergy gel line and didn't want to have to purchase a new lamp.
in one of the new YN vids Greg cures the white sculpture gel in the LED. 60 seconds....but i was surprised the new cover gels were cured in the uv lamp...he didn't mention they could be LED'd think they would be as they are new..pity that
Omg!! I didn't know this thought my nails was soon loosing their shine:-( what gloss would u recommend?
i always use the finish gloss (black bottle) . love it. do you not find it lasts?
it's a fab product but as "omg" as pointed out it doesn't cure the same in the led lamp which I didn't know!
i just thought i'd share this.

came across this information about YN synergy gels and their LED lamp.

the LED will cure ...maniq and all maniq colours. the synergy builder gels.

it will not cure... synergy base, gloss or finish gel...

they are working on getting everything LED curable .
Oic! Thanks for that info. I've been using my glase & go seen fine but not sure how the shine will last waiting 2c.

I'm a young nails educator mani q top coat is fine over acrylics or gels. Just remember to take of the inhibition layer.

The synergy gels are at this min being reformulated to cure under a led lamp as only a few do at the min

Obviously this has all Been covered in previous replies already! :)

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