Your favourite book(s)?


I love all of Sophie Hannah's books (crime/suspense), Gillian Flynn's books (thriller), Nora Roberts in Death Series (crime), Sylvia Day's Crossfire series (sexy books ;) ), Chris Cleaves The Other Hand, JoJo Moyes Me Before You and The Girl You Left Behind, Christina Lauren's Beautiful series (sexy books but funny too) and Marian Keyes (chick lit).

They're my favourite authors, but I read lots and love my crime/thrillers preferably set in England the most. Since having the Kobo app ive spent an obscene amount of money on books ;)

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The wicked girls is a crime thriller set in England, lots of unexpected plot twists, worth a read! Xx


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A thousand splendid suns was unputdownable.

Has anyone read the book thief ? It's supposed to be great and as usual far better than the film.

Thought I'd start this to get some ideas of what to read next, I'd love to hear your suggestions! What books have you read and loved or hated? I've just finished reading The wicked girls by Alex Marwood...if you like crime thrillers then I'd highly recommend it! Xxx
Thanks, just downloaded it to Kindle. Hope it's good!


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I love the authors Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella, Jane Green, Dorothy Koomson, Lisa Jewel & Adele Parks. I also love the girl with dragon tattoo trilogy. Twilight saga & true blood series. Have just finished reading "100 year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared" which was brilliant! Currently reading "the little old lady who broke all the rules". And have just added 4 more books onto my already toppling to read pile. I used to read loads but since having the little lady I manage a few pages a night so a book takes me a month lol.

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I love Memoirs of a Geshia by Arthur Golden and Emma by Jane Austen.

Martina Cole has some fantastic crime books and Sophie Kinsella has a very quirky writing style!

I take ages to read books, purely because if it doesn't grab me in 3 pages I give up. However I read Memoirs in 2 weeks which believe you, me that is fantastic for me. I'm that annoying person who reads a book and puts it down for a year, six months and then picks it up again. :D x


Mine has to be Josephine cox I love her books !


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I'm currently reading "gone shopping / the story of Shirley Pitts queen of thieves". It's unputdownable. Funny and sad


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I love crime have read a few one I was intrigued by was the ice man!
He was a hit man for the mafia so as you can imagine some parts are quite gruesome x

One of my all time faves! I've read it twice.



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A Classic: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.

In Cold Blood.jpg

candy cupcake

The girl with the glass feet was so so good x

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I love murder books and were not talking light hearted murder investigations ... Lol. I LOVE the chemistry of death - great read if your into your murder books.

50 shades trilogy for obvious reasons lolol xx


One of my favorite books ive read is by Tilly Bagshawe - Adored

I also really like Victoria fox

They're really good holiday books to read while you're sipping cocktails on the beach!


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I just read a book called Keeper of the Light by Diane Chamberlain, really enjoyed it.
I also LOVE Persianista's books (hint hint can we have some more please)
I am currently read The Wolf of Wall Street which is good so far.




Wondered if anyone's read Forrest Gump? The film is my fave and I got given the book for Christmas but haven't got round to reading it yet? Xx


Trying to get into Wolf of Wall St at the mo, but can't warm to it. Wasn't keen on Gone Girl either.
Haven't written a word for about a month now, too much fury generated when I was at a low ebb personally. People feel they're being 'passionate' when they criticise, but the truth is that it kinda crushed me. If I ever finish Salon Queen, I'll only tell a select few, rather than broadcast it, especially if I'm not feeling up to taking the flack.


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One of my all time faves! I've read it twice.

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Wow I'm pleased I'm not the only one! Some of the things he did!!! Well ill not say but he just had no empathy!
I don't no about you but I kind of "warmed" (not the right word) to him.
Guess it was his upbringing that made him so cold.
Watched the film but left out most the gory stuff!! Xx


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Tess Gerittsen is amazing, i cannot put her books down from start to finish! highly recommend :biggrin:


I always read Cecilia Ahearn, Sophie kinsella. Reading the hunger games at the mo, on the 2nd one x