6 months old UV lamp won't work


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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
I am having problems with my Daylight uv lamp that I coughed up about £100 for six months ago (it's a 4x9w) It simply won't work. Hubby has checked the wiring and all is well. Not been dropped or anything, or even moved about.

Does anyone know if I have any sort of comeback against the supplier (think it was Ellisons) or with Daylight themselves? I'm just pleased I kept my trusty little old single 9w UV lamp (I soooo nearly flung it out) as have quite a busy week on and otherwise would be in trouble!

Any thoughts anybody? Thanks
I would dig out your receipt and get in touch with who ever you bought it from, must be able to do something if you have only had it 6 months
it may seem a little obvious but have you checked the bulbs, even one slighty loose can cause the lamp not too work
I had the same problem with my 3 month old NSI lamp. I called them and they exchanged it for me without a problem.

I would call your supplier, they should change it for you as it's less than 12 months old, although some suppliers prefer to have it back to send to manufacturer for repair.Have you got a spare?

fuse in the plug....??...take bulbs out and put them back in...?

failing that then yes i would ask them to exchange it. x
No messing, dig out the receipt and ask for the lamp to be replaced ... that's what I would do!
All electrical good purchased brand new have a 12 month warrenty from the manufacturer, phone the manufacturer and they should send you a new one.
Thanks for your replies - have tried all suggestions and nothing works . . .

Will keep you posted, thanks again xx :hug:
Am I right in assuming that the light just doesn't come on or is it not curing your gel?
Your contract of sale is with your supplier not the manufacture. You must go back to them for repair/replacement. I had this with an e-file that packed up after 3 months, they repaired once and then replaced when it still had the same fault. if they refuse to replace straight away, unfortunately there is not much you can do, as long as it is repaired satisfactorily. I double checked this with trading standards who told me it is diff for business items.


Am I right in assuming that the light just doesn't come on or is it not curing your gel?

Yeh the lights just don't come on at all . . .

Bought from Beauty Express, jeepers, when I actually found the receipt it's a bit longer ago than I thought, I bought it on 11th July last year,so JUST within a year. . .

Beauty Express were very helpful and arranged for a courier to pick up the lamp last Friday, they are going to keep me informed once it's in the hands of their technicians or whatever they're called.
Well Beauty express have just phoned today to say that they can't find out what's wrong with it, so a replacement lamp is being sent out to me and will be with me on Thursday.

I wish it had been last Thursday instead of this Thursday but apart from that I'm very happy with the way Beauty Express have handled this, very helpful and courteous.
As promised the lamp arrived today, brand new in its box and with 4 bulbs included - fab service.

Just thought I'd update and thanks to all who tried to help me out :hug:
Can I just say that if you get this problem again then it may be the safety cut out device that I think all uv lamps have when there is a power surge. I can't remember exactly the order in which to do this as it is a long time since I have had to do it, but unplug the lamp and then hold in the \"on" button for 30 seconds. It resets the lamp et voila it works again! It's either that or you keep it plugged in, but I think it's the former way of doing it!

I know this from an expensive mistake - went out and bought a new lamp as it was a Saturday and then my supplier told me on the Monday about this safety device. I've had about 4 different uv lamps and they have all done this so far, except my Brisa lamp ... and I guess it's only a matter of time!

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