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Hiya y'all

Despite being adhered to my seat with Metro's etc, I had the best fun! It was so lovely to meet you all properly and at last have time to sit and chat.

Caroline, Layla, Ruth, Faye, Gloria and Peppercorn nails - brilliant!!

It's such a pleasure to do designs on "real" people - sad that it is, I do most designing on popsicle sticks and tips now :(

Well done Tracy and Mike.

And Samuel - I really hope you pick someone up on the CCTV - what a nightmare..........

See ya all soon xx


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Apr 28, 2003
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THANK YOU TO MIKE AND TRACEY for a great day out................
I thoroughly enjoyed myself today, so a huge thanks to all concerned, especially Sam for an entertaining and of course tuitional talk. His vocabulary never ceases to amaze me along with his talent for the nail industry.
A special thanks too, to Amanda Reevell (hope I spelt it right), she too gave me a lot of her time and showed me a lot today.
So again, for everyone who helped put today together, it was a really good day and look forward to the next one.
Hiya - me too!!!

The day was lots of fun - learnt a fair bit too.

Thanks also to Samuel for his geekchat!!! Hope your loss didn't put you off visiting this neck of the woods again.

What a meeping day ;) lol :-D

It was great to see some faces from the board, and to meet up with ma fellow Chichas - Dawnie, hun we missed yah!!!!
Was cool to be able to chat to people aswell, rather than like at the shows where everyone who's working is rushed off their feet!! The only person really rushed off their feet was poor lil Mandi!! Nail after nail! Bless ;) Love yah huni, thanks for the nail, Im so honoured ;-)

Well done to the guys for the first show though, next one will be bigger says Tracey!!

And I entered the fantasy nail art comp (after heaps of persuasion!!!) , and came first ;) lol, Im all meeped out now!!

And sorry Sam about the laptop, hope it turns up, :? Or i'll be kicking some butt ;)

What a FAB FAB day :D :D :D

Nice to meet some new faces and to have time to chat and also the chichas and yes dawnie wasn't the same without you babe

It was such a fun day thank you mike and tracey

Amanda do you ever stop girl ;)

Sam thanks for the help it was very nice of you to spend the time with me and thank you for sorting bobette out :D but so sorry about laptop hope you get it sorted

Ruth and richard you made this weekend for me you are truely fantastic people love ya loads
....we had a lovely time (apart from lap-top incident) and again, it was great to be able to chat and spend time with people so to all who went but especially our geeks (and lovely to meet new ones - BUG123, Ruth etc) thank you for having us!! Also thank you for being cool with the fact that I took the babygeeks!! They were well-behaved I think and everyone was very kind!! Layla, well done on your Marilyn Nail Art - they really deserved the win as it was obvious you had spent a lot of time creating them!!! A winner at 18 :shock: , where will you be in 5years :?: :idea:
Well we had a brill time, Caroline has got her own bed at my house now lol..................So our weekend started Saturday night lol......Chinese take away....Nails till 2.30 am , but hey I got fab Stiletto ruby slippers now.........and she has got a brill Competition buff on hers lol..............

The only one missing was our Dawnie, there was room for two on Carolines bed Hun, maybe next time................We miss ya babe !!!!!
Then off to Colchester early this morning...................
Got there nice and early and boy did we have fun.........

The Seminar was fab, until some not so nice person decided to give a new home to Sams Laptop................... I am sure if the Laptop had been asked , it would have prefered to stay with Sam, after all they share a lot of geeky stuff, so I have heard lol.............

Then Hubby did his thingy with the Nail Trainer, he did brill, might have competition there!!!!!!!!

Amanda well what can we say about our Amanda, she is only tiny but boy is she large in nails !!!!!! Stamina, well she didn't stop..........Thanks babe I love my little flowers xxxxxxxxxxx
Will be back up north for an infill on those.................. Ahhhhhhhhhhh more Metro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Via Carolines for more ruby slippers, or I might go purpe slippers !!!!!!!! That mix is brill !!!!!!!!!!

Nikki will use a nail gun next time to get the nails to stick on the nail trainer !!!!!!!! That will show em all then, eh babe !!!!!!

Well done to Layla, fab art, yes where will you be in 5 years from now....Can I have your autograph now please, while the que is still shortish !!!!!
Well we had a brill time and thanks to Tracy and Mike !!!!!!!
My gratitude will show in your takings lol........and my bank statement will remind me......... But a girl needs to shop...............
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ginger bread lotion .............now this is a must !!!!!

Tracy and Mike and the gang did brill...............Cheers guys !!!!
So heres to another meet soon
love to all
Ruth and Richard xxxxxxx(NailTech in training now)
Nailsinlondon1 said:
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ginger bread lotion .............now this is a must !!!!!

Yes ruth that is the most yummy smelling if you ain't got the new Gingerbread lotion then go get it YUMMY :D :D
But Sam???? Whats a peanut gallery ??? Is that the same as, cheap seats in the front row lol?????? In that case we got a bargain, best seats in the house, and Faye brought her own peanut (thats what we call the baby in the tum)

love Ruth xxxx
knew you do it girl!!!
I am glad you all had a fab time its nice to know I was missed..............sorry girls but I had so much to do :( but I was thinking about you all having a fab time while I was working lol
Way to go Layla baby but then I did not doubt you would get first for one min.
Take care Dawnie xxxxxxxxxxx
well i can say that i had a very enjoyable day...............
steve said he had fun even though he got a little bored with me running of and doing my own thing......
ahh how cute is dex i had fun messing around and munching macdonalds (he did too)........
sam they are the two most cutest boys on earth and very well behaved.......
then there is me and mum competing again at the fastest fabric# nail :D :D how funny that was , it was spooky too as we threw our files down at the same time :D ......

well now i am just waiting for the next creative day.........

love pipi and peanut xxxxxxxx
Thanx to all concerned for such a great day. :thumbsup:
Amanda, thanx for my 'gothic flower' nail .... your patience with all our questions amazed me.
Came home with a few tips from Ruth and Caroline ... so thanx to you too.
Layla ... loved the nails on your fingers as much as the nails you did for the comp! And your boyf' how sweet was he!!!
Samantha, the geeklins are the cutest ever, while Layla and I were cooing over the 'littlun' your eldest kept my other half out my hair with a game of footie, so thanx to him too!
As everyone has said the laptop incident was a not-so-hot bit of the day,
Along with everyone else Sam I really hope something turns up. It was a bit hard to swallow knowing that the culprit could be someone amongst us :shock:
My own personal moan was rushing to spend my pennies when Mike announced the 15% discount (brought for my Metro powders - not enogh to go around :( ). Only to find when I got home that I hadnt got the full discount!
And talking of home - it took us over four hours to get back there! I'll still be at the next one though ;)
Lol Thanks 'Glo' ;) I've taken my belts off now, they were stuck right on lol I had to file 'em off!!! Thanks for all the 'well dones' lol! Tracey's kept my nails so she can put em in the shop I think lol!

And I agree, the baby geeks are gorgeous! Soooo sweet!!!

Hi girls and guys,

I was so p*****d that I missed the day but it was Thomas's 1st birthday party on Saturday (his birthday is actually tomorrow :D ) and I was knackered on Sunday. It sounds like you all had a fab day though.

Layla, we all knew you could win the comp. Well done chicha!! Any chance of getting a pic on here? Maybe not if Tracy has got it!!!!!

I was really sad to miss you all and the little geeks but hopefully we'll meet up soon.
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