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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
Hiya, was just wondering. . .

Suppose you have a client coming for a replacement nail as she has shut one in a drawer.

You book her in.

She arrives and the nail is still attached although badly lifted and needs soaking off.

This takes 15/20 mins or whatever.

Then you do the replacement nail. So the whole process has taken around 35 minutes.

What would you charge? Would you charge more because she needed that nail soaking off first? It's a hefty chunk of time for £4 (or whatever you charge for a replacement nail).

In a salon situation obv. she could sit and soak while you did other things but at home, you are tied up till she's sorted.

It's a situation that doesn't occur all that often, so I'm not losing sleep lol, but when it does happen I just wonder what everyone else does?
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well i have a minimum 'call out' charge so to speak, which is £8 soon to be £10, so that would eliminate that problem

hths hun xxxx
Hi, I'm not a home tech, and I've never experienced this situatation, but after reading your thread my initial thought is this: I would just charge her the £4, because if you charge her an excessive amount for a broken nail, you may lose her altogether. As you've said, these situations are rare, and so it may be a good PR exercise to do the repair for the cost of 1 nail, and find a nice way of mentioning to the client that you're not charging her for the time because she is a valued client. I would imagine that you are more likely to generate future business from this client by doing this, than by charging her £10 (or whatever you would charge) for a 1 off repair.
Additionally, having a second visit from your client is a second opportunity to suggest some retail products to her. If she leaves with a fixed nail, and an item from your retail range, you might not have lost out by much at all.

Best wishes
That did happen to me once so like you say soaked it off and replaced.But yeah i did charge a bit more. the price for one whole new nail. but she wasnt a reg client. if it had been a regular then would i prob wouldnt but thats just me lol x
I would book her in just before my first client of the day or just after the last client, and charge the £4, that way you are not tied up, she is sat soaking of while you are putting the kettle on anyway and she's not taking up another clients time. For mobile tech's I like the idea of a min call out charge to cover your costs but would still stick to the same time of day, early or late. But have to say while I was mobile it never came up, but when I worked at Pulse that was the standard for tattoo re colour, changing piercing jewelry and nail repairs.
Heres what I do (I have a salon though, but this still may help)

I charge 10% of a full set for one repair.... so, say a set of extensions costs £40.00, I charge £4.00 for one repair. (10 fingers :) )

To make sure I also get paid for the soak off I charge 10% of the full soak off price too. So a soak off is £15.00 - so thats £1.50 for one soak off.

Total price £5.50 - This takes me approx 25 mins.

Pricing based on time is an iffy subject. Obviously the quicker you get as you get more experienced, the more money you make! :green:

Another factor is the local market. We would all love to earn £30.00 per hour as a nail tech, but depending on your local competition and what you basically 'have to' charge, so as not to price yourself out of your market, determines your hourly income. xx
I just charge my repair charge ie 10% of full set

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