Acrylic nails are common, chavvy and have had their day now there is Minx & Shellac..


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Jan 27, 2009
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Please discuss...

Just wanted to add, before you flame me to death, these are NOT my views!!!

Well maybe some of them are but acrylic nails can look beautiful and natural when done by a skilled nail tech.
Good point and I know that a lot of people have this opinion.

I personally think that the long nails with white tips or long nails with wacky nail art ect IS a bit dated and my clients don't want this look.... they want enhancements that look natural.

Therefore, it goes without saying that Shellac is going to be very very popular, as most of my clients love the natural look.

The thing is, that a lot of new clients don't want L&P or gel as they themselves have a picture in their head, that their nails are going to look "fake" or "chavvy" and they are pleasantly surprised when they realise that you can have natural looking ehancements!

Good thread by the way :D
Well maybe some of them are but acrylic nails can look beautiful and natural when done by a skilled nail tech.

here here....most of my clients choose acrylics for strength, most of them go for the natural look, most of them graduate to NNOs...means to an end. Some like the fake look..each to their own I say, whatever pays the bills, as long as my work is lasting and of a high standard I`m not really bothered about the 'look' xxx
The white tip look is definately going out only youngsters seem to still want it.I do lots of different colour overlays evn some of my older ladies have blue and other more adventurous colours where as a while back they would stick to corals and gentle pinks.Colour has definately come back
I personally like NSI's pearl tips if I go for a french finish as it's more subtle but I mainly go for natural tips with a clear overlay and polish or gel colour.

What about Minx?? Although I love it, I can't help thinking that this won't have the longevity of acrylics?

Shellac, need to be able to get hold of it first!!!! Grrrrrrrrr ;)
Fingernails like french painted trowels, and as thick as toenails? Very chavvy!

I can spot em a mile off, plus they seek out the cheapest chop shop. Funny enough, they often use box colours too. What a coincidence!!!

I have only had Shellac a week, and my loaded ladies are the first ones to have a go. They tend to like subtle. Minx toes are for the beach with them.
I think the only things "chavvy" are:
- Poorly done nails (heavy shovels, flared, etc... lumpy, red rings of fire...)
- Nails that aren't maintained by neither the client nor the tech, properly (too outgrown and lifting, fill lines showing... blah blah)
- Natural nails that are an unsightly, dirty, ragged mess

"Style" and "Expression" (french vs natural vs over-the-top) etc are very personal things (such as politics and religion) and I don't think we can refer to one style or another as chavvy. Depends where you are, age group, culture etc... Too many variables.

If we debate this, someone somewhere will get insulted... EEKS (I know that I should be already, were I that sort with thin skin but I'm not:wink2:)

To each his own, that's what makes the world go around.
If we didn't have a variety of choices, we'd be a rather boring group of people (and probably miserable too)
and THAT'S what I tell my clients too :D
Exactly what Victoria just said! :D
Totally agree with Victoria. As long as nails are well applied and maintained, I like a bit of most things from time to time. Variety is good and prevents boredom. Sometimes I like 'Natural' or French or 'Bling.'

At the moment, I like Minx for toes and Shellac for fingers. They are both relatively easy to apply, too, especially on yourself. I hate all the filing and labourious self rebalances on my own digits, so these products greatly reduce the time intensive tedium, as far as I'm concerned. However, I also know that I'm probably going to get fed up from time to time and want something else.

I don't want to wear the same clothes/colours all the time and I feel the same about my nails. Long live variety and choice. :D

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