Acrylic went soft on me. Help!


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May 18, 2007
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I did a full set on a client recently. She had a set of the pro impressions designer tips which I have used on a number of occasions now with no problem. I overlaid it with liquid and powder (nsi attraction). However when it came to filing I noticed that the acrylic had not really set properly. :eek: This has never happened to me before so I was kind of confused :confused: . It was soft and as I filed it took a little bit of the pattern off.

The only possible explaination I can give is that it was my first go with a new kolinsky brush. Is it possible that new brushes can be problematic with air bubbles and that I did not expel them properly. If so could this cause the acrylic not to set correctly. Any advice on this matter would be very welcome. :) I have not used the brush since.

Sounds like you are not used to your new brush yet and your mix ratio was too wet hth
Never herd of this myself sorry i use NSI attraction and have never had this happen.

have u used the product since with another brush?
Yes I have and it was fine but dare not use the brush yet.
Did you remove the shine from the pre patterened tips?
Strange!!! the only thing i can think of is when its extremley cold it effects the setting of the product but cant see it at this time of year,

Sorry couldnt be of more help,

would be interesting to find out why though
Sounds like you are not used to your new brush yet and your mix ratio was too wet hth
I agree. When you work wetter it takes longer to set.
If you find this happens again, apply a drop of oil onto the nails before you start your filing. It will speed up the polymerisation.
do you think you could have left brush cleaner on your brush or maybe used brush cleaner instead of liquid
No didnt remove shine from tips. Should I do this in future with a white block? I defo didnt use brush cleaner instead. I did a set on myself last night and had no problems and used the new brush. Maybe I worked to wet that time and as a result it took away the pattern as I started filing?
If air bubbles get trapped what kind of problems would occur?

By the way thanks so much for all your input.
Yoy really do need to remove the shine from the tips as the L&P will not adhere properly, a 240 grit is fine for this.
I have just read instructions of the tips and it says 'be sure not to file top surface fo the nail and damage the pattern' obviously meaning before applying acrylic.
You shouldn't damage the pattern if you give it a quick buff. try it out on one, just to check if your not sure.