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Nov 25, 2003
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I would really appreciate some advice on something that happened with one of my regulars....

.... she had washed her hands, sanitized etc. and I removed her coloured nail varnish. I proceeded to check the condition of her nails with a view to doing an infill. All were fine except the middle finger of her right hand which had a small area of lifting. I was perplexed to see that under the lifted bit it was really dark and also under the tip. I hadn't seen anything like it before and I really couldn't tell whether it was between her nail and the tip or just under her nail. I explained that it would be necessary to soak the tip off because although I was certain it wasn't a fungal thing I didn't know what it was and it was better to be safe than sorry. She was fine about that and offered no clue about what it could be.

Please accept my apologies but the next bit is gross. I was just cutting down the tip before soaking off and she blurted out (WITH NO HINT OF EMBARRASSMENT!) "Oh I know what it is - I've just had my period". :shock: Blood?!

I just said - weakly - "Oh. Well, lets just get that baby in some acetone then shall we??". The dark area deep under the free edge was under her own nail and not the enhancement and still very much there after the soak off. I asked her politely to wash and scrub under her nails (again!) but it still didn't shift completely (how long had it been there?!). In the end I replaced the nail, did the infill and she went off happy and has come back regularly since.

I felt queasy (still do a bit actually) but did I do/say the right thing? I have flashbacks every time I see her name in the appointment book! How do you deal with things like that politely when every fibre of your being is yelling "yeuch!". Am I worrying unnecessarily about something that will probably never happen again?
I feel your pain honey! I have a regular that comes in with baby poop under her nails. She is a daycare provider and I am so grossed out when I see her as well as by the smell. She likes to wear her nails quite long so I hit her where it hurt, I told her it looked like it might just be too difficult to keep the nails clean at her chosen length and shortened them. I now hand her a scrubbrush before I work on her and amazingly she gets the nails clean where before she was incapable. She started to slack and I asked if she needed the length down again and she asked to go to the restroom and by strange coincedence came back with clean nails! Some people do not seem to be bothered with basic hygeine so you have to figure out what would make them pretend to be for your sake!

yuck! lol
Thank you! While I don't wish that gross out on anyone it is nice to know that I'm not the only one with a client of questionable hygiene!

I am now more horrified to think of the poor babies/children being cared for by someone who doesn't get poop out from under her nails. Wouldn't want her to peel me a tangerine, that's for sure.

Take care.

When I was reading it I thought you were going to say that it was concrete! Not blood!

Because I had a customer whose finger nails were disgusting! Under the enhancements there was this awful grey stuff, and I thought I had done something badly wrong to her nails and she had got a weird infection I wasn't aware of! :shock:

However, they refused to soak off, and when we narrowed things down it turned out that she worked at B&Q. She had been lifting sacks of Cement, and then washing her hands! Which had resulted in the stuff setting under her nails! :D

I had another customer who worked in a cafe and also liked St Tropez self tanning, her hands were disgusting.

But that has made me sick! Who would do that. I have just decided that the bathroom in my Salon is going to have a nice scrubbing brush next to the Scentsations! 8)
Did you have to chisel them off???

The bathroom in my salon is also going to contain a packet of tampons with applicators under a sign saying "errr... hint... hint ..."

Hee hee!
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

No, luckily they soaked off with a little bit of GENTLE persuasion with an orange stick and a nail file! :D
Unfortunately we can't control Clients hygiene regime when they are at home............ but we can in our Salons..............all my clients wash their hands before we sit down and do the Cool blue stuff...........Nailbrush and soap.....................I don't care how clean they look before I see them, they scrub and know it's one of my requirements.........

just a thought
love Ruth xx
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