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Nov 2, 2011
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South East - Kent
Hi there, your advice on this would be much appreciated!!

I have sprayed a lady for the 1st time, her wrists were too dark which was totally my fault.. I know exactly where I went wrong! after years of natural sun damage, she has what looks like bra straps marks on her back. They are exactly the shape of her bra, her skin there is a diff colour to the rest of her back. We hoped the tan would cover it but she is telling me that they are still noticible? Any advice please? this lady wants to have a tan for her wedding day so that she can cover these marks? Help?
The tan will not cover the strap marks. If she has different skin tones, she will go darker in parts where she is naturally darjer and lighter where her skin is naturally lighter. You could try airbrushing tho :)

Jurate xx
Hi, it's difficult to get rid of strap/tan lines but if you are willing to spend some time and prep you can get it to look fabulous. I treat these problems the same as I would a Vitiligo sufferer. You would have to do 2 treatments. 1st one doing the lighter bits then the next day full tan . I have done a few tans for Vitiligo and also for girls that have white patches on their skin due to hormonal problems and they come out lovely if you are prepared to put in the time. If they dont want the two treatments due to time or cost then you could on the day sponge some solution onto the lighter areas, carefully then spray but you will have practice how much and how dark and also try not to get it onto the darker surrounding areas, still costs more but not as much as two treatments. Good luck, it is possible and looks great once done
Thank you ladies! that isgreat advice!

The trouble I have is that the natural marks on her back are darker than the rest of her back, so I can assume they still look darker with the tan, straps still noticibly darker than the rest of her
Apply a little body lotion to the darker areas and this may help to even out the skin tone, but tbh you just have to tell her that you really cant correct years of sun damage with one spray tan!

If you also offer body treatments it might be a good idea to recommend an all over body scrub before hand too.

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