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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
hi i i know there is probably already messages about this - did search - couldnt find. but what does everyone use for the french white polish... i have tried loadsa different ones all with the same rubbish results. ive tried using he sticky forms and when you peel them off you are left with a ridge and sticky up bits!!! is it me. (just did manicures/man manicures and nail art for a neighbours 40th party - supposed to be two - three hours... i did 8 hours. no break!!! people just queuing - maybe cos it was free for them - but loadsa people wanted french polish and couldnt get it perfect....
tips anyone - scuse the pun - would be mucho appreciated.
Thehandsanctuary said:
.. I have tried loadsa different ones all with the same rubbish results. ive tried using he sticky forms and when you peel them off you are left with a ridge and sticky up bits!!! is it me.

Hi Jen,

I dont know anyone who has successfully used the sticky guides - the only way they would work is if you left them on overnight so the varnish was really really dry then they may work LOL. The sticky stuff is the same as sticky labels - designed to stick to the surface it is used on.

I think it is Medea that does the masks - they are designed to be removed without leaving the sticky residue. There is a french set - although designed for airbrushing, they may help with varnishing.

Although, I am afraid it is down to practice. Get some tips and draw a curve on the reverse side and just practice your varnishing.

Better still invest in airbrushing. It is so much easier and quicker to do french LOL

I've found that if i go a bit squiffy sometimes :shock: that a nail corrector pen is great to touch the line up. Loads of different nail companies stock these and you can even get them in the high street shops like Boots. And it's lots cheaper then investing in an airbrush machine...for those poor techies amongst us :rolleyes:

Hope this helps

Nicolajane x

I almost forgot...silly me :rolleyes: Creative have recently released a fab new collection of polishes specially designed for not only for standard french manicures but some new innovative & creative ones too! They're fab, fab, fab! but i am a creative girl through and through! ;)

You can get more details prices, etc from designer nails and they're also featured on the creative website too.

Good luck

Nicolajane x
mmmmmmmmmmmmm 1 reason i cannot wait to do my airbrush training is for french manicures, i cannot get them rite at all, dodgy smile lines etc, and ive used the sticky tape to with same results as previous lady, sticky up bits and smudged polish..........roll on tomorrow when i do mytraining..........i got mine when barclaycard was my friend, they r'nt least i got my compressor.... ;)
A little tip i learnt and works great for me with french polish is:

Do your pink or nude over the whole nail and let dry, I find this gives me a firmer surface to work on and the brush wont slip as easily as as it would on the nail.

For the white, take your polish brush on an angle and start from the outside corner of the free edge where the smile line begins and do one swipe in a diagonal direction toward the tip of the free edge then repeat on the other side the same, you will have what looks like a small V in the middle, and then angle your brush straight across the nail and do a gentle swipe in the middle Volia!!!!! perfect smile line :D

then just do another coat of pink or nude over the top and then add favourite top coat and your all done :D

This way is much faster and also looks much more professional to your client than sitting there fiddling with little white stickers :D

Kerrie :)
great idear kerrie do you know what i have never thought about doing it like that! i'm def going to give it a go!
another tip i read the other day but haven't tried so i cant vouch for it is to apply your base coat wait until it is nearly dry then with a peice of cotton pulled tight place it down on the smile line and lift it straight off this is meant to leave a line you can follow with your white. if anyone gives this a go and finds it ok let me know as i don't get to do french polish very offen!
hope it helps
nickki jonesx
I tried the cotton trick but thats only ok if you do a straight smile line, no good for getting a curve.
The only way to go is practice like everything else really
oh well!
was worth a go! nothing is ever that simple ey!
nickki jonesx :D
French Polish is a bit tricky but with practice, loads of it and a steady hand is not as hard as you think lol

Why use a tape guide? Why use cotton? Your nail plate has a build in french polish guide, the onychodermal band, this is the area of the hyponychium and a slight change of the skin colour can be seen. Perfect guide line lol, ain't nature great lol..............

So in other words let the free edge set you free...................
Try resting your brush hand on the edge of the desk, it will help you to have a steady hand and rather then just moving your hand to paint, try moving the clients finger in sync with your brush movement...........
I paint my smile line in one move, left to right, I use just a bit more polish then usual on the brush, anything that touches the sides gets wiped away with a cotton budsoaked in polish remover...............
But like anything if at first you don't succeed, go and have a drink..........
LOL and then try again.

Hope this helps
Love Ruth xxxx

Love Ruth xxxx
Definitely with you on that one Ruth, mind you a vodka doesn`t quite do it on the steady hand bit after a while.
Still, theres always tomorrows practice isn`t there?
sorry you guys i didnt explain my self... it wasnt the smile line i have a prob with, i do sometimes do the v trick....its the polish all my white polish - all different brands- gloopy.... thick and smear when put on.
is that me or are all whites like that.
Hi ya Jen,
ok is the polish gloopy when you first open the bottle or does it go gloopy after about 2-3 applications????
Which polish do you use..........................
Do you always shake the bottle, if you dont then you get thin polish on the first go and then with every other usage it gets thicker and thicker............
Some polishes specially true whites go gloopy because they tend to be thicker as a whole and they need a good shake every time you use them,
Where do you store them??????? LOL I sound the like the polish detective, but sometimes it's storing or they way you use them, that could cause this, as this tends to happen to happen to you with all of your whites. Maybe try a differnt type of white, one that has a little sheen or pearl effect in it, as they tend to be a little more fluidy. Ok Hun must dash.......... Wine to drink, dinner to eat, TV to watch and oh yea New Harry Potter Book to read.................. I am such a grown up.........
Love Ruth xxxxxx
i use cream puff and either negligee or moonlight and roses and they don't go gloopy they are wonderful to work with.

Negligee & Moonlight & Roses are not white polishes......
I too have trouble with gloopy whites, perhaps that polish detective should explain where we should or shouldn`t be storing them if it makes a difference. I have always been under the impression we mustn`t shake the bottles, that could be why mine is only thin the first time around and gloopy after that
use cream puff and either negligee or moonlight and roses

Yes so do I and it makes for a perfect french polish don't it....
A white doesn't have to be thick to be a good french white, the french tint brings it out just beautifull...............

I have always been under the impression we mustn`t shake the bottles, that could be why mine is only thin the first time around and gloopy after that
* Debbie
Well Debs would you just open a tin of gloss and not stir it? Nail Polish is the same.
You can also just roll the bottle gently, so that you move the little metal ball around, that will mix it to the correct fluidity, and you dont get any airbubbles trapped in the varnish either.
Hope this helps
Love Ruth xxx
debbiepromotions said:
Negligee & Moonlight & Roses are not white polishes......

Thanks deb but i do know this i was just stating the polishes i use when doing a french manicure
i also use cream puff and negliee, lovely lovely polish
soz caroline, didn`t mean to sound flippant, I just thought we were talking about real whites being gloopy
I use Cold Shoulder (Shimmery White) with Negligee over, and no Cold Shoulder doesn't go gloopy.

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