amazing new memory bowl - has anyone seen it?


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Dec 8, 2004
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Hi there - has anyone heard of or seen the new memory colour bowl?
A friend of mine was on about it - it sounds amazing .
Its a colour bowl that has a built in system to record what colour you have in there - so when youve got a few clients on the go you dont forget exactly whats in each bowl.
Brilliantly simple and easy - dont you think?
Where can I get one to try ?Has anyone else got one of these?
I'm on a mission so I'll see what I can find out and keep u posted!
Let me know what you think
Am I being stupid, I don't understand what this is? Do you have a picture?
Hi how much are they ? because if you had a few clients on the go you would need more than one ,
sounds really good but Ill bet they are expensive :green:
It would be great if you told us some more and as Joe90 says a pic would be fab :hug: x

Here's an inexpensive and easy trick- go to the office supply store and get some page tabs- like the kind you used in college in your books, they have a small piece of adesive and the flag that you can write on. They come in 4 colors Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, when you are mixing write down your formula on the flag, (I use the red for red colors, yellow for blondes, blue and green for browns or darks) and wrap the flag around the end of the brush. Being in a school there is no garuntee that the same instructor will be available to help mix so we MUST send the correct formula back with the students so there isn't any confusion. A much cheaper alternative that buying a whole new slew of bowls- especially when there are 80+ students.
HI , good idea Jeni :) sounds good and as you say inexpensive ,
(which I like )

I just use different coloured bowls or brushes ,

but I should imagine the College would just have regular bowls
so I guess improvisation would have to be the order of the day here
They say that necessity is the Mother of all inventions lol :hug: x

mmm I was just wondering do the college have different colour foils ?

No our foils are plain silver- We fold them different though- left side in for light, right for dark, both if there are 3 colors. Otherwise we play hunt and peck... :)

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