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Mrs Geek

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Jan 11, 2003
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Dear Fellow Geeks -

Just a quick post to let you know that Geeg has hurt her knee quite badly :( and can't get up the stairs to the computer - I bet she's dying to see what's going on and I imagine she'll be instructing Dad to bring everything down stairs!! She sends love to all and will be back ASAP! ;)
I`m really sorry to hear that, give her my love and wish her a speedy recovery.
I have been waiting with bated breathe for an answer from her to my recent post, I thought I could rely on her to give me the answer I need.
So come on Geeg, get that pc downstairs, get a chairlift, or better still, get better x
Wish her well from Faye and myself..............
She didn't trip over the dogs did she...............????
Hope she gets better soon.............
ouch geeg i hope your knee gets better soon keep smiling though babe!! :D
Lots and lots of love to her and I hope she gets better soon!
I thought it was a bit strange that I hadn't seen her post in a while! Now there is a Lady who will be getting withdrawal symptoms! :D :D
sawasdee ka

I for 2 days and think where geeg but i do this b4 and she busy but this time i think maybe she have make some business or go see friend or maybe holiday .

when geek not come i not see ruth & mrs geek so i think maybe them together some where but after mrs geek make post and now ruth and i now see geeg make bad leg .

Can maybe buy some counter pain cream in spain we have in Thailand and husband can massage cream in leg and maybe after if she want him can full body massage oil and she inside feel better ka ;)

I wish for her have better and maybe her husband or daughter can buy her computor for souvenir and she can have in up stair if she have to stay hurt long time .

Mui From the land of sun shine and smiles .
Hope you make a speedy recovery :)
I'm going to be shopping for a lap-top soon .... maybe you should be coming with me ;)
Yikes, Get Well Soon, we need & miss your wisdom!
There will be plenty for you to read when your mended!
PS Hopefully getting my new Fabric# kit next Monday very excited!!
Mui - you are so hysterical I shall dad to go get Thai massage cream immediately and pamper her to bits!! I am about to call her and will tell her ALL the lovely posts - thanks Geekettes x ;)
Well as you can all see, I have made it upstairs!!

Thank you for your good wishes. I actually very painfully trapped a nerve and could not put any weight on that leg for 3 days!! Fed up and bored or what??

I've had some treatment yesterday and 3 more appointments next week to make sure I am OK to travel to South Africa on the 21st. But I shall be visiting the odd internet cafe just to keep tabs on you all. :D

Bless you all for wishing me well. XXX
Glad to hear you are mobile again! Hope you make a speedy full recovery :)
Nice to see you back geeg

Hope your better soon :)
Glad to see you back on board Geeg, you are missed when you`re not here
Awwwwww Geeg, I'm glad your feeling somewhat better, I miss your presence and advise :D

Take care

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