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Feb 16, 2004
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Dublin, Ireland
I'm really quite depressed now, I was at powercity buying hoverbags and they were selling weighing scales and I decided to jump on one as I dont have one at home, and to my supperise I have now put on another stone, the weight just seem to come from no where, I am always saying that I should do something about it. In the past I joined bot Weight Watchers and UniSlim and neither worked for me, in fact I ended up loosing wieght and gaining more that I had initally.

I now need to loose a wopping 6 Stone, I just dont know what to do. My sister in law is getting married next summer and I would like to look good for the pics is it even possible to loose 6 stone in a year? I doubt it.

I would love some advise
I know that there is alot of women on this site and is is a well known fact that most women are not happy with their bodies and if there is anyone else struggling with their weight I have an idea that might help each other. . .

Each week (lets say every Friday) weigh your selves and if you lost any weight in that week, post it on this thread, Not only will it lift that geeks spirits, we will know that we are not alone and it might even encourage other geeks that are struggling with their weight.

This might be a stab in the dark as I might be the only Geek unhappy with their weight and if so just tell me to shut up.

We all help each other with our nails why not with other stuff too !
Hi lindag, cant give you advice coz i too am trying to lose weight it seems that no matter what i do i fall back in the trap of eating junk food only i want to lose a stone before August and really cant see that happening! Ive given up smoking for nearly 2 months now and keep blaming it on that to try and make me feel better lol! but need to do something, so anyone with great hints and advice i too would be grateful x
hi hun ,i know wot you mean coz i have been on weight watchers twice ,the first time was fab, and the second was crap coz i just couldnt get motivated, to do it , i am the same now, i have joined slimming world bought an exercise machine and was great at first! but for the past 2 weeks have put on , so i am nearly back to wot i was when i joined , i will really have to kick my butt into gear,
Lindag, im up for that challenge lol! and that it will be im so bloody lazy, but i will go home tonight weigh myself make a note and then check next friday and let you know at least it will give me an incentive, i have put pictures on my fridge of kylie minogue and really lovely bodies to help me lol, but i just see past them when i see some food i want, even though my boyfriend loves the idea of the pictures on the fridge!!! (funny that)..........
Well KellyC & Dee at least I know I'm not the only one, I think helping each other (my second post) would be a good idea.;), 6 Stone seems so much there is no one to blame but my slef but as the song goes "with a little help from my friends"
Hi Linda,

As you know I've put a lot of weight back on since giving up smoking about 18 months ago - but a few years back I joined Slimming World and lost 6 stone in nine months - and I didn't go hungry one day in those 9 months. I can't stand salad so it wasn't as if I was having to eat bunny food all day. I wasn't doing that much exercising either!

I have to do it again, I want to be nice and slim again for my holiday next year. Do you have Slimming World over here? I wouldn't bother joining a class again because I know how to follow the diet (it's just difficult when yer other half loves fry ups and chips and turns his nose up at a well balanced meal!), but I would recommend it to anyone. It certainly works.
hi yeah i have found that slimming world is great the meals are fab, but it wont work if you cant be a?@):):{@ like me !! when i have stuck to it ,it was great i was even having a pudding (egg custard) and still losing weight , you can make the most gorgeous desserts and stuff,
JackieMc said:
I want to be nice and slim again for my holiday next year. Do you have Slimming World over here? I wouldn't bother joining a class again because I know how to follow the diet (it's just difficult when yer other half loves fry ups and chips and turns his nose up at a well balanced meal!), but I would recommend it to anyone. It certainly works.
Well Michael is just like Sean, so i am going to do what I said I never would - Cook two seperate dinners, We dont have a slimming world over here and its STG£100 to join it internationally, i know that I shouldn't put a price on my health
I have a similar weight burden to you Linda and the only thing that works for me is Atkins - whenever I have tried the "conventional" diet clubs I end up putting on weight and having an argument with the leaders as they acuse me of not following the plan. I suffer from Insulin Resistance.

I have followed Atkins for a couple of months and have lost 18lbs.

Good luck to all of us LOL.
My advice to you is see your practioner nurse,

This is what mine told me...

Dont diet
Eat 5 portions of fruit and veg per day,
Dump fatty red meat (ie mince)
Eat fish 3 times per week and lean red or white meat the other 4
and cut down if not elimate processed and sugary food..

and thats it and it working me as it should men and women alike by all acounts
count me in the the friday weigh in - I must admit I can only seem to lose weight with the Atkins - when do we start Monday morning?
i will join friday night weigh ins i need to loose 3 st:o which i put not over last 2 years have been to all the diet clubs and once you no what to eat its the will power to do it

but for me its exercise i need also lol
I also feel fat. I tried lots of diets in the past year but without results. I tried Herbalife and in the 1st month i was able to lose 4kg ( i don't know how many lbs it is sorry...) but then i just got unmotivated and gained it all back again. Now i'm trying to racionalize my food. Eating cereals with milk for breakfeast, a piece of fruit mid morning, then soup with grilled white meat or fish with vegetables and brown rice at lunch, fruit again in the afetrnoon and just soup at dinner. Let's see how long i can take this one.
i will be at the weigh in on friday,coz i need to lose a stone and half, please dont say oh its only a stone, coz it makes a difference when your only 4ft 9 lol :p ,
Hi Lindaq

I thought i would say that my hubby has lost just over 6 stone, in less than a year. He cut out eating bread and processed foods - (pasta crisps sweets and chocolate). He used alot of willpower too and has made a massive difference to his life! He really wanted to make the change. I am so proud of him. He is like a different man. He can now play football with the kids and is running at least 3 times a week, something he could never have thought of at 20 stones! He is maintaining the weight loss and a much happier person.

Good luck you can do it!

I had and idea, maybe we could help each other with the will power. We could state our goal here, outline how do we intend to achieve it, and them and them come to this topic once in a while ad say how we are doing, if we've been sticking to the plan, the weight loss. Maybe when someone's not felling very motivated we can give her a boost up, and send her back on track. What do you think?
Hey fellow geeks, i have to say i know what you all mean. i have just joined slimming world for the 2nd time, and i have so far lost 4lb in five weeks. I find you have to stay really positive and you have to imagine yourself the way you want to be.

now i know this will sound dumb, and believe me i thought so at first, but alot is how you think and feel about yourself. I read an article with slimming world that said to picture yourself slimmer and fitter, everyday! You must always have good things to say about yourself and when eating healthily don't say,

" I always fail at this." because your brain holds on to the fail that you say and just keeps you heading for that biscuit tin. But if you say,

" I WILL succeed, WILL lose weight, Will eat well." you will believe it or not be better than if you say you will fail.

You really have to remind yourself everyday to be positive and make the right choices when eating. Don't cut out everything you love and always have a bit of what you fancy sometimes.

I'm gonna keep in with you guys as well and try to be positive for all of you. My weigh in is on a monday so i'll keep you posted as well. Good luck everyone.
just to add my experiences from the last 12 months.
i was always a size 10 (english size), even after having jema 11 yrs ago, i returned to my weight of 9 st 4.
however after having callum 6 yrs ago i couldn't shift that last stone.
i tried every diet known to man.
most of these followed a low fat idea.
a typical day would consist of ;
cereals for breakfast
low-fat sandwich, low-fat crisps, low-fat yogurt etc for lunch.
weight watchers meal with either salad or veg for dinner.
or huge jacket potato, or a huge portion of pasta with a low-fat sauce over it.
snacked on fruit or low-fat go-ahead biscuits.

i only ever lost 3-4lbs b4 i caved in after 2 wks because i was so hungry.

then came all the reports about how bad the atkins diet was.
i studied nutrition at college & i've always had an interest in the way our bodies worked.
i bought the book & read it cover to cover.
it suddenly made sense.
all the time i was avoiding fat, i was consuming hoards of sugar!
my blood sugar levels were all over the place which was why i was always hungry.

basically people are either sensitive to fat & calories or to carbs.

i calculated that my diet contained 80% carbs, as i dont eat meat.

every time the fat is taken out artificially from something, they replace it with carbs (mainly in the form of sugar)

if you reduce your carbs right down to 20 grms a day for 2 weeks, & you don't lose at least 4-5 lbs, then the chances are you are more sensitive to calories, & should follow a low-fat diet (+ excersise)

either way u need support to keep positive, & you must find something that u can adjust your lifestyle to, so you stick to it

i think it's a great idea that we support each other on here, thats what we're here for!

liza xx

ps i lost that stone in 5 weeks by cutting out the main groups of carbs.
Hi guys

I too desperately need to loose weight, especially after seeing my opening night pictures. I find that I barely eat in the day, and finish really late, so a habit of eating out of an evening has prevailed. I have aproximately 4 Stone to lose, in fact, I had a bet at the begining of the year that I had to lose 3 stone, I lost one of them and have piled it back on. Desperate mesures must be called for, or it's £500 to my boyfriend.

I shall try and remember to check in on a friday. However I weigh myself on a monday, it psychlogically stops you pigging out over the w/end. Not working for me mind you.

Best of luck guys

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