Anybody do their zones in this order? 2 -1 - and 3 last?


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Feb 13, 2007
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Gtr Manchester
I have practiced the reverse application and cant get a good shape doing zone 2 and 3 in one go with one bead. I don't feel I am getting an apex.

I am going to try zone 2 with the reverse applicationtechnique. The I am going to put on zone 1 hopefully getting a crisp smile line and then last zone 3.

Anybody tried this way?
no i have not tried this way either.....wonder if the top techs will see doing z 2 then z 1 then z 3 as a prob......i suppose as long as you keep z 3 thin so hopefully no lifting and if doing glitters use 2 brushes so not to get glitter in z 3 there should not be a prob BUT i am going to see what other people put in ....good quest hun xxxx
Just a thought but are you using a big enough bead when doing zone 2 & 3? I only ask because I know if I don't sometimes the nail can look a bit flat where the apex should be. I find with this method you need quite a large bead (depending on nail size of course) when it's done & you have your apex it looks a bit odd (ie bulky) but once youve finished your application & do your filing it all comes right.

Dunno if I've explained this very well??!!
I think my bead is big enough, but it doesn't seem to come together in a nice curve as it does when doing 2 and 3 seperately. I seem to have to faff about trying to get it thick enough where 2 meets 1 while at the same time doing the curve that makes the smile in zone 2. Hope I have explained it.

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