Are you a fixer or a pamperer?


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Sep 20, 2007
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working in holistics we approach each treatment to balance the mind, body and spirit.

My passion is to increase clients well-being by giving them a sensory journey.
I do not want to sort out huge problems but address the fast-paced manic lifestyle we have adopted in the 21st century. I believe you get the same sort of endorphin-hit when you get your nails done or your hair done. We provide that "feel-good" factor.

On the other hand a few of my colleagues positively drool at fixing peoples deep-seated problems and would be irritated at what I get a kick out of.

I admire people who volunteer at hospices, work at drug and alcohol dependency units, help mental health or have clients that are needing an emotional or physical fix, but its not what I want to get out of bed in the morning for.

One of my friend's is a "fixer", she specialises in reflexology for infertile couples (self-taught). Another colleague is a passionate sports therapist.

So, my question is what floats your boat and why?
For me its massage. Every thing boils down to massage for me. I love it for both the fixing side of things and the pampering and relaxation side of things. I love it when you work on someone and you feel the tension release, or you see a client that is struggling to move and by the time the hands have worked their magic they can move again. I find it so rewarding on so many levels.
I think im a fixer. I try and fix everything, I think hairdressing and nail teching is a very fixing job. For example I fix someones bitten nails or fix someones unsightly feet when I do a pedi, fix someones roots or bad colour. Fix someones split ends, I could go on. When its treatments such as massage I think of pampering straight away, but I tell you when I get my back seen to it is also fixing my aches and pains. I think also in life I try to fix things, like if someones looking for say a job/flat or something, I go throught the internet for them when I have a free sec becuse I want to fix it for them. Good thread x
I am definiately a 'fixer'. Just finished a morning of electrolysis removing hair to make people feel more confident. My other love is skin peels so I also fix the skin with those. Even the pampering elements like pedicures I love doing the callus peels etc.:)
I guess working in a hospice and at a drug and alcohol abuse centre I am a fixer, but they also get a pampering too. I finished with a client the other day who praised me for being me and for the calm and less anxious feeling he got when he had a massage, and that makes me feel good.
Fixer. Far too pragmatic to be a pamperer, although my clients tell me how pampered and cherished they feel after a treatment!
One of my friend's is a "fixer", she specialises in reflexology for infertile couples (self-taught).


How can you learn reflexology yourself?

I'm a fixer but I also look at things holistically, there is no point offering a non surgical aesthetic treatment if they have underlying social or psychological problems. So looking at the bigger picture will allow me to prescribe for other matters or refer onto another colleague as and when necessary.
One of my friend's is a "fixer", she specialises in reflexology for infertile couples (self-taught).


How can you learn reflexology yourself?

what I should have said is she does reflexology but she has self taught herself to do fertility reflexology, she hasn't done a specific maternity reflexology course.
oh right, that makes sense now! Are they insured for this if they have not done a certified course? Worth a check, would hate for them to get into trouble.

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