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Peter Pan

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Feb 29, 2004
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Hartlepool UK
I started the atkins diet today, and after doing it last year (for 2 weeks ONLY) i found it abit boring as i couldnt come up with anything imaginative or that fed the eyes, well today for my tea i had

chicken gouchons
garlic mushrooms

sounds boring dont it BUT

i coated the chicken with egg, then coated in parmesan cheese (delicious)
instead of the usual breadcrumbs - made a dip for them: mayo, mustard,lemon juice, salt and peppar to taste

garlic mushrooms (ooooo all that garlic and double cream)

salad was made up from: cucumber, tomato,celery, spring onion,red pepper,radish, then coated with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar, salt and pepper

i must say, this was DELICIOUS.

so the point of this thread is: has anyone else been on atkins with a good recipe to "feed the eyes"

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