Avolve Cover Powders


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Finally finished the Avolve "Masquerade" powders.

Thought I'd play with my nails....... well transforming a mans nailplate is a tad more difficult than a womans.

The pinky is "Peach" and the exaggerated ring finger is "Pink", it's sculpted in a Popit.

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I like both colours, they both seem to cover well and have a depth to them. I have to say the pinky looks much better IMO, I don't like the exaggerated extended nail bed look personally.....

Nice job on your man-hands though!

Hello Carl,

I think the colors are great! Very good coverage. So you actually mixed them yourself? Great job!



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I like the pinky too :)


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Love them. Nice 'pinks'

THANKS for sharing :green:

French so suits you carl....i like the peach one better cant wait to try them.