Beckham At Osns!!!!!!!


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May 12, 2003
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I was stood waiting in line at the OSNS Leeds today, and a man with long blonde hair was walking down the hall and disapeared into a room.

Beckham?! I thought. Here?! Surely not?!

Then the door opened and out he came. No way, I bet you're all thinking, Beckham can't have been at OSNS! And you'd be right! But the grand master was! :lol:

(I also noticed how much of a gentleman he is, because he helped a Lady up the stairs with her pram!) Awwwwww! :cool:
OH HE'S A STAR!!! is'nt he,,we are not worthy,
tell ya wot,,if beckham had been there i'b be flippin furious with Denise for not ringing and telling me,could have been there in 10 mins!!!!

HEY SAMUEL, if you read this how do you feel about being mistaken for Beckham????????????

DEBS.x :)
hehe. I dont particularly think I look like him... but I guess it could be worse . I mean, people could say I look like Richard Whiteley :D

that just makes me lmao ,
yuk - I once had to dance with Count Down Dicky at a ball and he talked to my boobs for 5 minutes!!!

Babe - Beckham you are not, Twice Nightly Whitley you are definitely not, Brad Pitt with the chiseled face - possibly however sadly Jen Aniston - I am not! ahhh such is life....:rolleyes:
hahaha this gets better :green: sides are realy hurting now :lol: :green:
aw mrs thats awful what a horrible man that whitely bloke is!! :rolleyes:
You should be flattered Sam to be compared with the likes of Beckham and Brad pitt!!

This site is just so entertaining. lmao.:D
david beckham may b gorgeous, but he isn't as talented as g.m.geek. (well if u forget he's an international footballer!)
but i bet becks cant hold a conversation like the geek!
liza xx
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