Ben's first visit to St.Nick piccie


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Jan 9, 2003
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I really wish I had taken a video camera with me when we took Ben to visit Santa. The look on this kid's face was priceless. He didn't get upset or cry or act scared....He was just TOTALLY enthralled with the man. The picture sort of captures it. It was the most adorable thing I've ever seen.<p>
Sawasdee ka

I like photo you show and i think when you son him big him very happy see photo you show on geek .

Kop khun mak mak na ka mui ka
that is so sweet!!!! does'nt santa look so real!!!

This is a brill moment, glad you are sharing it with us !!!!!
what a fab photo...father christmas looks SO good (no nylon beard there!)

we took my then 7 year old to lapland 2 years ago to meet the REAL father christmas...he was fantastic and i came back believing he was real all over...i felt like i was 7 again. A magical time was had by all and the memories will be with us all for EVER!!
oh he is so cute, my little one wont go near santa we took him last week and all i got is "dont like it mummy " so i was a bit dissapointed, never mind theres always next year!
What an adorable pic, Patti. Is that the one you were telling me about? I agree with everyone, Santa looks fantastic, doesn't he? And as for Ben - what can I say? It's as you said, he looks totally enthralled, bet you can't wait till Christmas morning.

Watch out for your postie soon cos I've sent Ben a 'Christmas Hug' and a little Christmassy something for you & David too! ;)

That has to be the cutest picture! The Santa looks soooo real! Ben looks really sweet, the photo is a beautiful one which you will have to keep and embaress him with when hes a teenager!! lol. x :oops:
your son is such a doll! what an adorable pic!
Ahhhhhhhhhhh this is such a nice picture :)
When my daughter was tiny i at to sit on santas knee with her,
One on each knee Lol
This saturday I took my children and Gina's (nail colleague) children to RNAS Culdrose for a party. The children were very impressed when Father Christmas did a flypast in a helicopter and then descended beneath the hovering aircraft on the winch wire followed by a sack of presents for all the children.
Patti.....your little boy is soooooo cute!!!! Bless!
I have pics similar that I have kept from when my daughters were small and they used to go and sit on Santa's knee......unfortunately they cringe now when I get the piccies out every year and reminisce!!!!! :sunny:
At 15 and 13 its NOT cool anymore!!!!!! :rolleyes:

Your picture is one you will treasure as I do mine Patti!
Awww... isnt that sweet :D

Lauren is 9 and still believes in Father fact we have him pay a personal visit every Christmas Eve...and she is still expecting him this year....she still has no idea that it is 'Grandad Whiskers'.....problem is he can't speak much anymore just in case she recognises his voice :shock:

Patti everytime I looked there was a red cross but NOT TODAY!!! What an utterly gorgeous shot of Little Man!!! Thank you for sharing! x
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