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Jul 13, 2010
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London, England
Good Morning....

Just wanted to ask you all which cuticle remover you use when doing a dry manicure (which is best for Minx and Gelish)


I do love my EzFlow Pro pusher.

It was very expensive but well worth it!
I always use Cuticle Away by CND - you need to neutralise it with water though, I have a spray bottle with water and a bit of nail soap in it. Leave the CA on the nail for a minute or so - longer if there is lots of tissue - and then use the cuticle pusher to move it about, spray water on a pad and wipe away. Use the curette or similar to remove any tissue which is left.
Hi Fiona

I actually use Cuticle away at the moment but wanted to see if there was a product that was better suited for dry manicures by which I wouldnt have to use water to neautralise :irked:

Thanks anyway
I use Cuticle Away and do the same as Fiona. I really don't see it as such a big deal neutralising with water. The nails are not soaking in water and it's so quick.

The only similar product I have tried to compare it to is NSI Vanish. I personally much prefer cuticle away and it's much better value for money.
I would think you wouldn't use a product with a dry manicure, Anything you would use would have to be removed I would imagine.
With a really good tool ( I use CND double ended pushie the most ) Then you should be fine.
If the client has very stubborn cuticle or is a bit 'ragged around the edges' I would just recommend a more thorough manicure with perhaps a soak and some thorough cuticle work.
I find with regular clients though a quick dry prep is fine x

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