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Jul 8, 2010
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What have you found is the best self tan body product
in terms of no smell,appearance,duration of action and value.

Have tried Decleor Self Tanning Milk but quite pricey and some smell.

Surely someone must have some ideas? ;)
Well we dont really work with self tans we spray other people and use professional products not consumer although most professional products do also do self tan for the consumer market.
Xen Tan have a really good range, I love the dark lotion & the bronze luxe. Best cheap gradual tan I have used was dove hth xx
xen tan transform and dark lotion
A Tan Fast Tan Liquid, wow wow wow! amazing
Thanks very much.Do these products have much smell?:confused:
Fake Bake Fair, or the Gold range x
what do you mean by do they have much smell....
do you mean have they a smell when you put them on or do they smell as they are developing

xen tan transform smells of melon
xen tan dark lotion smells of almonds

but while developing your skin will begin to smell like a biscuit especially if its kept on longer, unfortunately all do this as its the natural reaction your skin undergoes with the dha in all these products and some of us smell stronger than others and some dont at all...lucky ppl
i absolutley swear by st tropez whipped bronze mousse! but like you say it does have a tan smell! another one i love is sun laborotries it smells like cherry and almonds i find it dosent last as well as stropez tho.
Anything with no smell at all?
I really like Lasting Envy: Spray Tan in a Can. It looks great! Doesn't streak and offers a bronze shaded tan. it does have a scent...Coconut, which smells great. I do not know of any self tanners that have no scent at all.
I know of no self-tan that doesn't have some smell. I retail the Decleor self-tan & the St Tropez self-tan & found both are popular, although I personally prefer the Decleor one as the smell is less pronounced.

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