Bio Sculpture Gels description and usage.


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Bio Sculpture gels.

The beauty of the Bio Sculpture range is that it truly is a prescriptive service for the nail tech to design an enhancement that suits the type of nail the client has. As we know clients natural nails differ dramatically in strength, length, flexibility and durability, so we can now choose which gel best suits.

Clear gel - The original and probably still most versatile, Bio Sculpture gel. It can be used as a base gel, a mid layer for building, and can also be used to seal, although the glossing ability of this gel is quite low, so an additional top coat would be recommended. Clear gel is suitable for use directly on the natural nail. Clear with a very slight yellow tinge in the pot. 2 minute cure.

Sculpture Gel – Sculpture gel was originally introduced for sculpting an extended Free Edge, and often inlaid with Silk to increase its strength further. It has an opaque, natural nail colour, which looks very natural used on the free edge. However, Sculpting gel is also a superb building gel and is very useful for using a base gel under colour gel as it does hold an apex well, and gives a smooth even surface for applying the colour. Sculpture gel is 4 times as strong as Clear gel and is suitable for use directly on the natural nail, especially suited to weaker, more flexible nails to build strength. Has a slightly greyish natural colour in the pot. 2 minute cure.

Sealer Gel (also known as Royal Clear in some countries) – Sealer gel is designed for giving a high gloss finish as a final coat over colour or clear/french. It has little strength but does have enough hold that it can be used to fill a dip or tiny flaw in a previous layer. It is also suitable for use as a bonder/base gel on the natural nail, and can assist in reducing yellowing if a client is particularly prone to it. Sealer gel can be recognised in the pot by a slight bluish tinge to it. 1 minute cure.

S-gel – S-gel is a strong rigid gel that is used for building or finishing on sculpts or overlays. It is non-yellowing, and holds its shape well for building a strong upper arch. As a builder, it is recommended to apply a lick-layer of S-gel initially and then pick up a bigger blob of gel on your brush, transfer it to the nail and drag over the nail in an anchor shape. S-gel is crystal clear in the pot. Not designed for use on the natural nail as it has little grip. Cure for 2 minutes as a builder. S-gel can also give a tough, shiny and non-yellowing high gloss finish, and should be cured for 4 minutes as a final layer.

Free Edge Gel – A tough sculpting gel with a natural colour that is used to sculpt a strong, very natural looking Free Edge, on a form. Free Edge gel does require a strong upper arch to support it. It is semi-self levelling and requires a slight overlap onto the natural nail for maximum strength. If this is not achievable through a short nail length, then silk may be inlaid to create that overlap. Free Edge gel is slighter lighter in colour than Sculpture gel, giving a cleaner colour to the Free Edge. Cure for 2 minutes.

French Connection Gel (no longer available) – a white version of Free Edge gel that is no longer available.

Flexi Gel – Flexi Gel is a more flexible sister to S-gel, and works in a very similar way. It is slightly more viscous and self-levelling than S-gel and therefore needs curing relatively quickly to avoid flooding the cuticles and losing shape. More suited to flexible nails if used as an overlay. It is slightly more resilient in the long term than S-Gel, so if a client suffers with breakdown of strength in S-gel over time (usually due to contact with detergents), Flexi Gel may provide a longer lasting strong upper arch. It is also crystal clear in the pot. Also suitable for use a glossy finishing gel. Cure 2 minutes.

UV Gel – a thin, crystal clear, high gloss finishing gel with no strength and little holding power. It has UV filters to prevent yellowing and is used merely to give a brilliant, high gloss finish over colour or clear/French. Cure 40 Seconds.

Colour gel – a range of deeply pigmented colour and glitter gels used between a base layer and with a high gloss finish. They may be used on overlays or over sculpted nails. Apply in 2 coats. Colour gels are mainly clear gel based with pigments, and the glitter gels are all S-gel based. Not designed for use on the natural nail, however on toes they are often applied direct as no strength is required under. Cure all for 2 minutes per layer and finish with any gel suitable as a final layer.

Bio Sculpture require all technicians to undertake product training or a conversion course with them before they are able to purchase products, to ensure the usage and application is undertaken in the correct manner. This tutorial is merely a guide as to the usage of the gels and not designed in anyway, to replace the required training.
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Excellent and concise tutorial for existing Bio users as well as Bio newbies!



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Thanks Lyndsay -

Just a quick question - did they say on our recent workshop that the uv gel was non porous so would need to be buffed off for removal and would help with those that use acetone based product regularly to keep their own enhancements longer? Cant remember.


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Brilliant - Thank you. xx


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Ah, just found this link, I was asking about Flexigel on another link. Thankyou very helpful


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Very helpful, Thank you so much.


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This is great, thanks 4 clarifying.
Completely new to all this. Have rec'd starter pack and am booked on my training next month.
I had a bio sculpture colour overlay recently. No 10. LOVED IT!!!!
Am not certain, but it did look like the same pot was used for base coat & top coat.
There does seem to be many many options with regards finishing layer.
Am sure all will come clear.... Next month!
But am keen to have a go (or 2, or 3) on my Mum beforehand!

This is really useful.... Especially the information on the UV Top Coat...

Now when I did my Bio training I was always told that S Gel was cured in 1 minute, but putting it in for 2 minutes would give it that extra high gloss. Now it seems that its 2 minutes to cure & an extra 2 minutes for the extra high gloss... ?!

Glad that they keep up to date with all their products & bring new stuff out (but I really wish they'd stay with the Black Product colours rather than this new horrible beige / gold theyve adopted with the varnish pots & the clear bags etc - YUK ) :0

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were would be the best place to buy the bio gel?​