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Crazy Geekette
Jan 10, 2003
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Hi all

did these for a client last week and she popped in to wish me happy new year today so i grabbed her for a pic ;)

These were done using black, silver metros and perfect colour clear hope you like

the picture really dosn't show the sparkle ;)

Hi Caroline,
When i first read this post i couldnt see the picture :? So i looked on your web site just come back and i can see it ?
Anyway they are fab.
Sorry, I can't see the pikkie :? :( :(
I tried doing the same, going on your site then coming back but it didn't make any difference!! :(

xx Tamm
I can see it fine, they look gorgeous.
You`re right though, the pic doesn`t show the sparkle which is a shame.
Great idea though
Oooooooohhhhhh!!!! ..... your pics are all lovely Caroline!
Definately a talented lady :salute:
Those are fab Caroline but then all your work is keep the pics coming babe.

Take care Dawnie xxxx
sawasdee ka

I see your nails and very beautifull ka thank you for show nails .

Kop khun ka mu ka
Well, I've finally got to see them!! and I tmust say that they are brilliant!!! You've done yourself proud there, well done!

xx Tamm
thanks for all your very kind words :D
Brill work as usual....very classy i like them a lot.............
I know that the metro black has a lovely glimmer to it, so the look is fab!!!!!!!!!

Any more glitter mixes been brewed lately ?????
hi ya caroline finally got to see your pic,

they look absolutely brilliant, i'm a real sparkle girl, love anything with sparkle. as a relatively new nail tech i'm gagging to get into nail art, nail glitter, just alternative to white tips i have built my clientelle up quite nicely now. and would love to try new things on them i do lack confidence so wondered if you could tell me exactly how you did them sorry to be pain in but. what tips did you use? did you blend them? i recently ordered the metro powders, not had chance to use yet. if you don't get time to reply to me. keep your pics coming x
hi there cha'nails

i used clear tips and yes i did blend them in, then i used the black metro powder on the tips and then clear over the nail, for the ring fingers i used the silver metro powder again followed with clear make sure you put clear over your glitters too ;)

hope this helps you
:( I got this message:

Temporarily Unavailable

The Tripod page you are trying to reach has exceeded its bandwith limit. It will be available again in a few hours.

Thank you!

Guess i'll just have to wait until a bit later to have a look... :rolleyes:
wow crazy bird - you are turning into a ruby slipper :!: :D Some of those pics are really great, your clients must LOVE you!!! 8) :!: x ;)
Thanks for your reply means alot :oops:

wow crazy bird - you are turning into a ruby slipper

and that would be all down to you babe lol :D ;)

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