Brands of hot wax


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Which brands of hot wax do you use for Hollywoods and Brazilians? I'm looking to change mine. Using the lotus hot wax at the moment and find it not to be that flexible. Have tried sienna x but I didn't love it as it kept snapping. I'd love some recommendations. Thank you!


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Kim Lawless Cockney Rebel gets my vote.


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I am probably biased but i use the flirties one after trying a lot of different brands. It stays flexible while its on the skin, its efficient in removing hair and also heats at a lower temperature so its really comfortable for the client without risk of burning. You can also get a sample if you want to try it first x


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I tried Peron Rigot but only found I could work with their Euroblonde. I didn’t get on with any of their Cream waxes at all. They just snapped or irritated the skin. I now use Kim Lawless wax and it does the job just fine. Stays flexible.


lycon is aaaaamazing.....i use so berry in strip and hot wax :)


I really like outback organics opal. I also like peron rigot euroblonde and crystalline.


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I’ve just trained with The Elite Wax Group and their hot wax is amazing. Doesn’t snap and really good at getting the hairs out

Gigi brazilian hot wax is my fave. Its is expensive though!


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Kim Lawless is the best and I’ve tried them all. X