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Aug 31, 2009
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hi im having this done on friday by a mobile hairdresser toni and guy trained have never met her before and explained to her i have curly hair which i have just had cut into a bob with a fringe which i didnt ask for but anyhow my hair looks bloody awful when left to dry naturally.

are there certain questions i should ask her re this treatment
and do you think this is going to 1 make my life easier and 2 take some of the curl out of my hair so it doesnt look like a triangle.

i was originally booked in to have the copolla karatin blow dry at a salon but i think it is the same as the brazilian.

just need to some reasurance it wont ruin my hair will it as already depressed about my hair dont need any more disastersxxxxxxxxxxxx
This treatment has many names, but they are all basically the same. Brazilian blow dry, Keratin smoothing, BKT (Brazilian Keratin treatment) 12 week blow dry etc. There is very little chance of it ruining your hair, as Keratin is a natural substance that is found in hair, skin and nails. You should find that your hair will be in better condition than it has in a long time. Do make sure that the treatment is preceded with a clarifying shampoo to open the hair cuticles (Once for chemically treated hair, as the cuticle will already be open a bit, but more than once if you have untreated or "virgin" hair)
Ask about aftercare treatments (Those that are specifically designed to be used with whatever brand of treatment you are having) This is vitally important if the treatment is to be successful and long lasting. You cannot use a product that contains sulphates or sodium chloride. They will probably cost a bit more, but it's well worth spending the money.
Enjoy your new hair, as I am convinced it will change your life.
thanks hun for reply given me reasssurance will let you know outcome xx
Hiya, Just wanted to put in my two penneth to reassure you. I have super curly frizzy hair which when dried with a normal brush looks like Iv had an electric shock, I had the Brazillian Blowdry done by my friend who is a hairdresser for many years and I was her guinea pig (so to for her first brazillian, I really didnt think that it would work on my hair, but OH MY GOODNESS it is super. I used to dry it roughly, then use a bristle brush then the straighteners in sections, now I just dry it with a normal brush, its fantastic, you will really love it. Dont for the amount of time you are not allowed to wash it, do not tuck it behind your ears, put it up or do anything that will kink it.

You will love it and never look back :hug: Enjoy xx
You're welcome Raya.... Yeah, please let me know how it is. If you can, will you let me know which brand of product is used on your hair too.... (Just me being a bit nosey) ;-)

And blinking G... thanks for the 2 penneth, and I'm really pleased it's worked so well for you

Grant x

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