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May 6, 2012
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North Carolina
Hello all. I am new here to the forums, but not to the industry. I have been waxing for a while now and have sucessfully done several full brazilian waxes... until today.

My client came into the salon and asked for every bit of hair to be removed. Ok. No problem. (Or so I thought) I use hard wax 99% of the time and am comfortable with it, however, today was not looking good for me. Here is what happened.

When I reached the labia portion of the service I had the client place her leg into the number 4 position and noticed that all of the hair growth grew sideways into the center of the vaginal area. Normally it grows slightly upwards, or downwards, therefore giving me somewhere to "hold" while pulling, but this was straight towards the center. So I applied the wax with the hair growth, but when going to pull I really was at a loss for where to hold her so that I could pull out towards her leg. Is this making sense?

Well, the most horrific thing happened and as I was pulling out and stretching the skin the very thin inner labia skin TORE and she started bleeding!!! The bleeding did not subside and I went into a panic! Needless to say, the salon and I lost a client and she was highly upset and no doubt traumatized (as was I) by the entire episode. I did not make her pay and I doubt I will ever see her again. I was in tears for hours after this and can't even begin to fathom what allwent wrong.

PLEASE HELP. I guess my questions are these:
- Is that normal?!?!?
- How would you go about holding, stretching, and pulling SIDEWAYS on the labia?
- How can I prevent this from EVER happening in the future.

Thank you in advance!! I don't even want to walk into my salon again right now let alone do another Brazilian... this was SO AWFUL and I feel HORRIBLE to say the least!! :mad:
Ive been doing brazilians for 4 years, I personally would never place wax (or pull) from the side how you did, the reason why is because that skin is so delicate and there is almost no way to properly support the skin to prevent excessive stress on that area.
In my trainings I was taught most hard waxes do not have to be removed against the growth. You poor thing, I would have been sobbing if Id done that. Have you had a proper training? You may want to find Kim's training classes, I wish she trained in Pennsylvania, Id love to train with one of the greats.
:D*Errors due to Iphone, sorry!*
first of all everyone does mistakes, we all learn from our mistakes.

i use hot wax which im guessing is hard wax. when i do the lips i still apply downwards and remove up and then if they havnt all come out i might do one in the opposite direction. but id work on a diff area then go bck. also try getting ur client to bend both legs. soles of feet touching each other.
i find you can see better like this, and i also get my client to help me, using theor hands to slighty open the lips as some clients have haair more on the inside too.

i hope iv managed to help in someway.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have been properly trained, but running up against this growth I suppose threw me for a loop.

Of course you are correct and after thinking my process through, OF COURSE I should have just shrink wrapped the hair with the hard wax and pulled up or down. Either was OBVIOUSLY prefferable to what I did.

Om my... how I could have possibly let my brain slip like this is beyond me... I have been ill the past few days, but still, I do not believe that to be an excuse for not remembering technique.

Well, although I was trained, this has been on my brain bothering me ALL day and immediately after my break down I started researching and found an advanced Brazilian class in my area that I will be taking at the end of the month. I guess the best way to correct mistakes is additional knowledge... and more practice! I just feel horrible that my poor client had to be my "live and learn" example. :(
It takes a mistake to learn a lesson. I actually bruised a friend when I first started, which has made me paranoid about always supporting the skin. I also always apply down, strech the bottom while my client holds her upper labia to and remove up. I also always make my clients wear gloves. The idea of their grubby hands on freshly waxed skin is more than I can take.
Oh god that sounds horrific! I always apply the wax downwards and remove upwards. No matter what way the hair is growing, no matter what! You have tore the skin because trying to remove wax sideways there is no way you can support that part.

Another course would be a good idea, if it is a decent enough course. I would get some practice in now aswell as you no doubt will be nervous now doing them. Hth :)
Oh poor you and her! :hug:

I would never ever ever ever ever………..pull my clients skin from the side. Pull it tight from below.

It sounds as though you would benefit from finding a good trainer in your area who is known for their technique and for using a good quality hard wax and that will make you much more confident. Google and read reviews about them. It doesn't mean just because they are a trainer that they're any good. Read independent reviews about them.
For you U.S wax geeks I would suggest getting yourself on one of Lori Nestore's classes. She runs them all over the US and the rest of the World.

Send her a message re training via her message board

or mail her directly [email protected]
I think you know already what you have done wrong and why so I am not going to go over that as it has been covered already.

I do feel for you but do you know what? You will never, ever in your whole career do this again! You will learn from this and become an amazing wax therapist because of it.

Everyone makes a mistake every now and again and unfortunately clients are all very different. It will take you a while to get over this but you will and in a few years time you will be helping a newbie by telling them about what happened to you! :D
You will never, ever in your whole career do this again! You will learn from this and become an amazing wax therapist because of it.
So true!
Oh bless you :( like everyone else has said, you can only learn from your mistakes, i've experienced this by getting the lovely "tram line" effect when waxing, fortunatly, my own eyebrows!
could i just ask, would your technique be the same with warm wax? still wax down and pull up if the hair is growing inwards? i experienced this when doing my first bikini wax and it threw me a little!x

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