Brisa with Grafix Ruby Slipper!


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Dec 12, 2005
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Fortuna, Murcia, Spain.
I am having a personal brave day as I have not asked for critique before so here goes..........

These are a set done on myself using Brisa Clear, Cool Pink as a base and Grafix Ruby Slipper for the free edge. They also have northan lights on top to add a bit more sparkle! :)

I am quite pleased with them but for some reason I found this colour harder to work with than the others, I think because its bigger and denser than the other ones I have so getting a crisp smile was a challenge.

So give it to me geeks.......but not tooo hard :lol:


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There's no pic hunny x

edit: ignore me, you were uploading the pics lol... I'm off to have a look at them :D
Its there now a bit confused!
Not sure where the ratings list went though?
They're gorgeous, I love glitter french :D

I think that your zone 1 depth is inconsistent and some of the smiles are less smiley than others, especially the thumb nail, apart from that they look like a fab set of nails.

Well done on being brave :hug:
Beautiful nails Naomi .... if you only lived a bit nearer, I'd ask you to do a set for me.
Thankyou ladies, I also mean`t to say they are overlays!
I love 'em!! They look truly fab :hug:
Hi Naomi :hug:
I would agree with Sandi's comments as far as critique goes.

I think they are lovely and well done for being brave :green:
I think they're lovely and would love to wear them for Christmas!:)
Hi hun that colour is to die for....

The only other thing i would say is the shape..i'm not too keen on it but thats just me they would look gorgeous almond shape at the minute they are still abit square at the tip.

But thats just my opinion hun xx:hug:xx
Thankyou everyone that wasn`t as bad as I thought it might be!
I agree about the shape, they would look much better almond and have taken the other comments on board too - it`s great to have these things pointed as you can`t always see it yourself...............even after staring at them 24/7!!!

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