Building a finger nail? can it be done?


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Jan 25, 2004
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Ok so I need your help.
I have been reading previous threads but not finding exactually what I need.
I'm doing my friends nails end of September for her wedding and she just told me her nail has come off!
I have read threads on here about building up a missing toe nail but what about a missing fingernail?
Now im not seen a picture of the damage yet but how long should I leave it before attempting this she getting married in 3 weeks is this too soon and can it be done on fingers?
she still wants me to do her nails but will look odd with one missing so how could I make them all the same if building a nail where the other one is missing is not an option.

Thanks guys
well you have a few options ( once you have determined the cause, was it an accident?)

you could

A. attach a tip to any remaining nail that is left behind and build one. the length and success will depend on what you have to work with, but keep it as short as you possibly can.

B. if there is nothing to put a tip on and build then you can try attaching one that you can either make or buy one to the skin...... however this is not always succesful and I would suggest that if you are doing this you have a few spares on standby.

I would allow the nail to grow back as much as possible before doing it.

Hope this helps

I no my mums friend , suffers from a condition were she has no nail tips nor toe nails? so how i would go on about doing her nails x
does she have no plate what so ever?
You've got to have a tiny amount of finger nail to attach product to otherwise you'll be putting product on to skin which is not good and causes over exposure and irritation etc.

If you have a small amount of nail to work with, prepare as usual (cuticles, remove shine, scrub fresh etc) apply a small amount of solar oil to the skin that will be covered by the new nail (not getting any on the prep'd nail) and fit a sculpting form to the nail and build a tip as you usually would. Then remove the form.

I've done this on a fair few people and they don't last as long as normal enhancements but do provide get temporary nail replacements.
only thing she has is the skin whats under the nail thats all x

Sorry, cross posted. I wouldn't personally do anything for the reasons I put in my previous post.

IMO, better off getting a temporary stick on nail for the day.
to successfully acheive a good and lasting result there needs to be some nail plate on the digit. even just a 1/4 of the nail covered will work.

i always sculpt when faced with this scenario. i make up the missing part of the nail plate with acrylic direct on to the skin where the nail is missing. then i fit a form under the edge and sculpt a tip and finally build a good structure to keep everything in place. the more nail plate there is left, the stronger and longer lasting the nail will be, toenails can last months when made like this.

if there is no nail at all to attatch to you can only fit a nail onto the skin directly with nail glue. you can use a tip to do this or sculpt something and then glue into place. this method will only be a very temporary fix.
I would do exactly as angel said prev poster, Build a kinda bridge, apply small bead to make a nail plate small and thin, then fit form under this as though this was natural nail and away you go. maybe try using a opaque powder or semi sheer? xx

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