Business link

Has any of you geeks been on a business link course? I went on 1 yesterday called search engine optimisation+it was AMAZING.. The best thing.. It was FREE! It was a but daunting walking into a room full of suited+booted with me in my leggings!! But I sharp got over that by imagining them all naked!! Haha... Honestly, get a look on their website for your area.. The courses are really good


I did some basic bookeeping courses with them. Was very good.


I did a "making a business plan course" with them, absolutely free, 2 hours a week for 6 weeks. obviously not a waste of money but a bit of a waste of time. you can get all that sort stuff that they taught me from the net.
but business link is great for free advice and courses that are relevant to you.


Their courses are fab! I did business planning and a workshop on tax etc and it's really helped! Couldn't recommend enough and for free! Everyone needs to do it!