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Mar 24, 2010
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Leading scientist, author and educator, Doug Schoon, has pledged to donate all of his book sale profits for the rest of the year to charity.

The proceeds will go towards the Susan G. Koman 3Day Breast Cancer Walk to support Schoon's participating team Beauty and the Breast, who plan to be part of one of the 60 mile fundraising walks taking place across a number of US states over various weekends. To meet their target, Schoon is asking the global beauty community to find a bit of cash, buy his book and make a difference too.

"This will be our tenth year walking as a team, but this is a very tough year for fundraising and no one on our team has raised the necessary $2300/walker needed to participate," he said. "Please donate to any team member that hasn't reached $2300 and the whole team benefits." Schoon has also promised to extend a special thank you to every book purchaser. "I will inscribe a personal message to each person who buys a book and they can pay via PayPal. I'll send them to anywhere in the world."

To order a book click here

In other Schoon news, the popular event Doug Schoon's Brain has opened for the final time this year. You can view the stunning new images and animations in either 2D or immersive 3D action. But be quick! The 'Brain' closes 26 October 2010. Check it out here


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So inspiring - way to go Doug!!

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