Can a spray tan cause someone to breakout in spots?


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Mar 31, 2012
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hi this might seem like a silly question but im new to tanning and have just been asked a question that im unsure of the answe too... a lady said she would a spray tan but has just recently got all her spots under control would a spray tan cause her to break out again? x
Normally spray tans wouldn't have an affect, but if your client has problems with her skin and is prone to getting spots then having a spray tan won't help the situation. Hope this helps.
It would depend on what her spots are from, if it is dermatitis its possible it could flare it up again as it is quite often contact/product related. if she has allergies to something in cosmetics it could b a problem too.
My suggestion would be to do a patch test at least 48hrs prior, just use a cotton ball soaked and dab inside her arm, and record you have done this to cover yourself. make sure she knows about pre & post tanning care.

good luck hth.

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