Can I point out a contraindication to a client?


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Jan 8, 2016
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Hi girls, just a quick question...
Lets say i get a client with obvious conjunctivitis. Obviously i can not confirm with her that it is conjunctivitis because that is the doctors job but if she comes in for a makeup consultation and doesnt say anything about it but i can clearly see it, am i allowed to ask her? or would that be rude? what question can i ask to confirm that she has a contraindication?
It's up to you to say you think there is a contraindication and therefore cannot do the treatment.
So you can say something like.
I see you have some weeping areas around the eye at the moment. Unfortunately because of that I won't be able to do your treatment today, I could irritate it and make you worse. I'd recommend seeing a doctor so they can have a look and once it's all cleared up I'll be happy to book you in again.
It's definitely not rude to tell them to see their GP for diagnosis and treatment if it's a likely contra-indication. It's called being professional.

As a hairdresser, if a client comes in with headlice you cannot carry out a service until it's completely cleared. You have to tell them that they have headlice and then offer them advice about treating it.
Thanks girls! Thats great help :) i definitely wouldnt carry out the treatment because i thought it was "rude" not to lol but just wanted to know how somebody else would deal with the situation. Thanks again! there the answers i was looking for :)
you can't say "you have conjunctivitis" because you don't know what it is :)

You could say , you appear to have some kind of eye infection and I am unable to carry out your treatment today for fear I would make it worse
Whatever you do, just don't keep staring at it! hehe!:D:eek:

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