changing from opi to young nails good or bad


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tranquil girl

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Oct 24, 2005
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Newcastle upon tyne
Hi everyone
I have decided to change my nail products in my salon from OPI as none of my clients will buy a nail polish for £9? I have been looking around and found Young nails can anyone tell if they are good and what are there prices like. I have been on their website but they don't give any prices.

I did try Nail Creation but a few of my clients said the polish chipped within a day of having it applied.

please help:lol:
If your clients want a good quality polish then I dont think that £9 is expensive as that i at least what you can expect to pay fo the good quality brands out there.

I dont use Young nails but would be suprised if they do polishes that are cheaper than £9.
i uderstand that £9 is an ok price to pay but i understand why, clients don't. Even telling them how good they are is not enough.
We retail lots of OPI polishes at the £9.00 mark,clients quite often buy them following their mani's or pedi's and we do get the walk ins as well.

I dont think £9.00 is excessive at all,neither do our clients,its a quality polish.I also dont reckon you will find many good quality polishes that retail for less,I have tried some of the cheaper brands...mentioning no names here and they were terrible tbh.

Maybe try suggesting to your clients that they purchase a polish whilst they our having their treatment,they could have it to touch up in between appointments.

It alwasy amazes me these clients that come into the salon holding their Boots number 17 saying they love this colour and would like me to apply it instead of a good quality professional product:eek:I ALWAYS point out that it will NOT last anywhere near as long as a professional product and try to pick a colour for them that matches their cheap brand.

Dont be embarassed about marketing your polishes at that price.Explain that it will last much longer than a cheaper brand therefore it works out much more cost effective.HTH
I don't think that £9.00 is excessive for a good quality nail polish ... the quality of the product is that all important factor.

There are other brands which retail for a great deal higher.

You get what you pay for and sometimes what's cheap is actually dear.
The only polish i can see on youngs is Uv top coats and base coats i dont think they do a branded polish so to speak
They do sell stripers and dotters
I also dont think £9 is expensive I mean some people pay £16 for a shampoo why not a nail polish
Well I don't particularly think £9 is expensive if you want a quality polish . . . . but not everybody wants that. You know your client base best, and if they ain't buying £9 polishes then I think it's sensible to look around for an alternative. :)

Do you use all the OPI enhancement products or is it just their polishes? It would be a shame to ditch all the products if you got on with them. Just buy in a cheaper line in nail polishes so that clients can take their pick - cheap and cheerful (and probably buy two or three of them) or top quality. This business is all about giving clients what they want after all. It doesn't matter what we think of the price of OPI polishes!

Local Sally's and Capital stores stock United Beauty's Attitude range which from memory retails at less than half the OPI price but tbh on enhanced nails, most polish will last well. I've got a client who brings in £1 polishes from the market and they stay on a good fortnight. I used to use Attitude range (amongst others) before I bought in the OPI.

'fraid I don't have experience of any other ranges but if you look at Beauty Express and Ellison's website there are cheaper ranges available.

Good luck x
i dont think young nails has a polish line, but i can tell you that the acrylic l/p products are very good.
I charge 8.95 for a polish - clients think its 8 pounds not 9 and also i offer polishes for 7.50 when they have a mani or pedi.

Its obviously your choice what you choose to do, but if you got for a cheaper brand I believe you get what you pay for and so you'll probably loose clients because their manis or pedis dont last.


Becki xxx
I agree with everyone OPI are great and the price.....well I think it is worth it. If you are ditching OPI I will buy it from you!!!!:lol:
If I were you I wouldn't ditch OPI, I would keep it . . . and offer a cheaper polish line as well for choice if that's what you believe your clients want

I use Creative nail colours and i do find them the best. I have tried many others and another well known brand and found them to thick or peel and chip easily. If you supply quality products and your customers find that they are to, i personaly would'nt change. Maybe just explain why they are the price they are and how they compare to cheeper brands. If they realy love the colour, they'll buy it!:green:

I don't think that £9.00 for a good quality product is expensive, after all women spend a fortune on the latest lip gloss, mascara or foundation, why should nail enamel be any different and it makes hands "AND" feet look good!

Maybe try a special offer to get your clients interested in the range!!!

All the best,

I agree with everyone OPI are great and the price.....well I think it is worth it. If you are ditching OPI I will buy it from you!!!!:lol:

If its anything like the situation over here.. OPI are now selling cheaper in shops.. Price attack sell it for around $10 where in the salon they sell for about $18-$20 (Aussie dollars)
I am having to stock a completely different range of polishes just so i can sell them.. which i s why i am switching to creative.. not as easy to get and imo the best.
Young nails doesn't have polish. Only finishing topcoats.
When clients refuse to pay a reasonable price for a top quality professional product ... it is often YOU yourself that is sending out the signals that in fact YOU think the price is too high.

The 9.00 price is perfectly in line with other similar profesional brands ... I have never had a problem selling my Creative polishes at a similar price ... none at all ... but then, I know everything there is to know about the products I sell and how well they perform and when you communicate this to the client they listen. You yourself have to believe first if you are going to get your points across to the consumer.
If your clients aren't buying the £9 polishes and as long as you are sure you are giving them your best sell but still with no luck - I also think its sensible to look for a cheaper option.

You might be best looking out for the professional brands who sell the 'mini's', I cant remember how many mls are in them but its a tiny little bottle I think they retail for about half the price of a normal bottle size - so around £3-4. I know Orly definitely do them but I'm pretty sure others do too.
I too think it isn't so much the how you market the product...

Sell the product to the client...tell them the benefits...why it is so you use it yourself...let them hold the product ( this works for any product btw ), sample it.... by the time you have worked your magic the price shouldn't even come into it...the client should be chomping at the bit to take it home...:lol:

To sell anything you have to believe in the product...the price should be irrelevant... I have managed to sell 6 bottles of solar oil to people in the UK who have never seen the stuff...!!! So I am flying over with it in a few weeks..( any excuse for a holiday :) ) I love the product so explained the billions of uses for it and the price wasn't even mentioned...they just want it!!!

I think Creative enamels are the best I have ever used...colour choice, clarity, ease of application... they make me want to eat them they are so dreamy...and applied correctly they last too long in my opinion...because I want to try another colour way before it needs doing again...:lol:

p.s. I had already booked my trip to the UK...I am not that desparate to sell my solar oil LOL ...

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