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Oct 22, 2007
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Hi all
I just wanted to share with you a fantastic find!

Its a website called vista print.

It is brilliant, i have been using them for about 3 years, and they are so cheap.

It really is worth you all checking them out.

I have done business cards that double up as appointment cards on the back, sticky notes, letter heading, and more.

Printers can be so expensive, but this website is so cheap.

The only one problem is they love to email so with all their offers, I must get about 5 a week!

Once you are with them they send you lots of offers and discounts too.

I know how expensive all our leaflets, cards, xmas cards for clients and everything else can be, so if this helps out at least one other person i will be happy!!

Their website is called

x :hug: x
thanks hun for info xxxxx
Thanks for sharing emma I for one am very pleased just ordered my free cards and then got a good discount if I topped it up. :)
buy the notelets and use them as gift vouchers.

Hi there

Glad i could be of some help.

But please remember I have warned you of all the emails that they will send you.

Take care

Emma x:hug:X
Vista-print do offer a great service but be aware that if you subscribe to their news letter you will get billed monthly by them, this has happened to a few fellow geeks,
there is quite a few threads about this over the previous months,
great offers but do not subscribe to anything :hug:
Thanks I did notice... after previous mistakes with other so called deals I read the even smaller print on everything and I didnt sign up for it.
this happened to me!
I thought I was signing up for the £10 off your next order.

Found out that they had been taking £10 out of my account for a year. I mainly use phone banking and when my paper statement arrives I only quickly scan it, hence me not picking up on it for a year.

to cut a long story short, I got every penny back.

but, I still use them as their isn't anywhere as cheap.

I don't get any emails to my email address for offers, think I chose an option to stop them coming.

I ordered some stuff a few weeks ago and paid extra for it to be delivered within 7 days. It took 12 days (because of the postal strike probably). i rang to complain and they offered to refund me the difference of 5 days, but I refused it and demanded to talk to a supervisor. I got the full p&p refunded. I dont take any rubbish off them anymore as I know that they are out to make money off you in any possible way.
I dont blame you I`d be gunning for them too if they had been taking £10 a month out of my account for a year. LOL. Good for you!
I use them too. I get emails daily and click on the free section and only pay p and p which is about £4.50. On sunday I ordered Business cards, Magnets, 100 postcards which I made into 50% off vouchers that Im wrapping up for my clients at xmas all for £5.50 - bargin. Dont order two lots of the same item i.e postcards in one order or you get charged for them and its about £17.99, wait until the next day and order them again free from your email and it will only cost you £4.50 again....
does anybody feel like passing these emails on to a needy geek :green:
[email protected]
If you want share me a bargain vista email :lol:
You only get the money off emails once you place your first order, as they have your details and your designs you made for your cards, therefore I dont think another person can use your email discount.

They are so cheap anyway, check them out and then you will get lots of offers for yourself!

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