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Apr 13, 2004
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Anchorage, Alaska
I have a client who comes in about once a month for a mani/pedi and she's always asking questions or making comments about the lack of business, and the spa closing. The spa *is* struggling a little, but is nowhere near closing it's doors, and it's none of her business anyway. I've tried just being vague and trying to change the subject, but she persists anyway and brings it up at EVERY appointment. It really ticks me off, frankly, and I think it's rude. Is there anything I can do without making her mad? If my books were full I wouldn't have a problem asking her to go elsewhere, but for now I really need her business.
Just say firmly with a smile 'you don;t won't to worry about anything - you just relex and have a nice time here - that's my job!' Say with a great smile and give her a great treatment. Even if you are bothered - don't show it.
Remember, weirdly, the british public generally does not like success and will take great pleasure in trying to find your angle of worry. Is this your own business?

My concern here is that if this client is saying these things to you then she may be gossiping to others and giving you negative reputation.

Keep upbeat ... always positive ... if you can.

Weird how some people can't live with others success and are only happy if they see problems ahead. Don't let her see any problems or give her anything to talk about.
Just tell her ohhh you appointment seems to fall when its a little quiet , but that means i have a little extra time to spend on your service! arnt you lucky!

Kerrie :)
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