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Jun 24, 2003
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Hi All - Happy Friday

According to the letter I got with my CND certificate I am 'now entitled to buy and wear the CND Silver Badge' :green:

Can anyone tell me anything about this badge? I couldn't find it in the catalogue or on the website

Thanks in advance

i have just received mine today, it is silver, oval shaped and says around the edge in black writing " creative nail design nail technician " then in the middle has a large C, tis small but nice.
It is not in the product catalogue because not everyone can buy it ... you have to earn it!!
Thanks Shropshiredawn - small is beautiful :green:

Seeing as I've earned mine, I think I'll get one and wear it with pride :)
How do you earn it!!!

Lisa xx
I got my FDFC certificate through the post and the covering letter mentions it
I've just ordered mine today and can't wait to get it and 'wear it with pride'.

Will Futurenails (trainers for Scotland) supply them too?
Is this silver badge the conversion course one??? Mine is square with embossed silver writing
Hi to All - this is how it works!!

For Tracy UK - you have one of the original badges, the ones that are being discussed are a just newer version!

Bronze - Creative Conversion
Silver - Foundation Course
Gold - Masters

We did the Bronze and Silver that way around because we felt that the FDFC teks had to go through so much more to gain their Silver!!

You also get a Creative Master badge as well (if I remember correctly) - Gannet (aka Janet - Academy Sales Manager) will correct if I am wrong.
For Feebeast - you should totally be able to order these in Glasgow!!
HTH's :)
FingerNailFixer said:
Sorry Holly - we made these for our UK customers as they LOVE this type of thing and it enables them to show their customers what they have done!! If I come stateside, I'll let you know:)
JackieMc said:
I did my FDFC with Jo Carlisle back in 2001 - can I still buy my silver badge?


Of course!

Anyone who has ever passed their Creative Foundation Course is entitled to wear the silver badge.

i didnt know about this i did my conversion in feb and wasnt offered a badge!!
Little Angel said:

i didnt know about this i did my conversion in feb and wasnt offered a badge!!

Well you are entitled to wear a bronze one!!! Im sorry you were not told. We will remind our ambassadors to mention it more prominently in class in the future.

Thanks Gigi, I'll be ordering mine on Monday!

Hi everyone great site!!!

I done my conversion in 2000 can i get a badge?
If you hold a Creative Certificate you are entitled to wear the Creative Nail Technicians badge (of honour).
Thanks i will be ordering my badge on Monday.
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