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Jan 30, 2003
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Did these on a client today, I know my smile lines are not deep but I tend to follow the natural smile line.

Am hopefully going to do a 1-2-1 with Anne Swain to perfect this but until then I shall carry on what I am doing.

I mixed the blue with brilliant white to make them a little lighter, my client was impressed and wants me to do her a rebalance before her hols in june, then another set in yellow just before she goes away.

The powder was really easy to use, was quite impressed with them considering I have had the mosaics in my drawer for approximately 6 months and have not dabbled with them before today, am hoping to do a mix with the red next week to hopefully do a baby pink set on myself.

wow their lovely, i havent tryed the blue yet think i'll give it a go too!

ps did you see my ruby slippers i posted yesterday? what do ya think?
love the blue! what a great job.. i've been thinking of a way to lighten my blue... thanks for the insight!! :D
They're lovely! very unusual colour. I've not tried the mosaics yet and am itching.. although I've got to buy them first lol!

Make sure you take a pikkie when you do the yellow ones! They certainly won't go unnoticed will they:D

I think pink are lovely and delicate.... its amazing what you can do with those mosaics isn't it

Well done.
Nails look great! I too prefer to go with a more natural smile line on most of my clients. The moasic and metro powders have changed my life! Myself and the techs in my salon are all wearing them all the time - never before have we been able to keep a great colour on our nails while filing, buffing and using remover all day. Have u tryed the metro powders? You can achieve some really amazing looks and like you say, the stuff is great to work with. I'm just waiting now for coloured Brisa Gel!
The look great must invest in some of the moisac powders
Julie those are lovely, really summery!
...(Look, matching text, lol!)
Absolutely gorgeous babe! Well done!! :p
Love the colour
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