computor virus not open emails .....


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Jul 27, 2003
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sawasdee ka

if any body have email from me you not open attachment .

3 people have email from me 2 of them i not know and 1 read it imediaty 1 just for you 1 stolen .

all email have att virus w32 .netsky.bomm

i not send this email i go see computor shop tomorrow speak why and how to do good i not know why this happen my computor .

mui from thailand
Hiya Mui,
Thanx for letting us know ;)
Nice to see your name here again .... missed you lately!
:mad: yeah this virus is like breeding rabbits!! I've 10 of this come through in just the last 3 days!! So watch out peeps!!
It most likely was not from yourself. Virtually all email worms fake the 'from' address. They take email addresses found in your system and mass email themselves from people that it finds.
The past month I have gotten nearly 700 of these emails... about 30-40 were from people saying that my email contained a virus... even though I never sent the email and the email never originated from my system (my web server is a linux system and the virus in question only affected windows systems).

Anyway... dont stress. I can almost guarantee it didnt come from you.

Let this be a lesson to all... never open an attachment if you dont know the sender (or even in this case) if you were not excpecting the file.
Also never open attachements that end in .exe,.bat,or .scr... even most .zip files.
Hi Geek,
whilst on the subject of opening emails, I use outlook express and if I want to read one I double click and it opens it in a separate box, but it still opens it in the main view area in the inbox. I always highlight the email to delete it but it always opens it in the inbox. I can't right click and bring up a drop down menu with delete on the list, it is only the button at the top on the toolbar. Does this mean it is only viewing it without actually opening it? :confused: and if there is a worm will updating my virus protection get rid of it?

Hope I've explained clearly coz it's clear as mud to me!!!

Using the preview pane is the same as opening it... but as long as you stay current with your windows update you should be safe as long as you do not open any attachements that are suspect.
And yes, keeping your virus definitions up to date is the best way to protect yourself.

Hope this helps.
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