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Sara Satchell

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Apr 14, 2004
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Near Chester
Hi Guys,

Having just had a Health & Safety inspection (she said we were the best she's seen!!) the only thing I had to change was that I needed a written Risk Assesment. I was under the impression that it only needed to be written if you had more than 5 employees, but you had to be shown that you had thought about it. But the rules are that you do need to have it written, however many staff as many of our products can cause a risk to the public. I did struggle a little bit with what I needed to write but have now finished. I'd like to post it on here but not sure how to do that as it is in Excel Spreadsheet format, so I have put a copy on my website for you to look at. If anyone would like a copy to help them with theirs email me and i'll send it over. You can alter it and change the products around to suit what you work with. Im not saying it is 100% correct as I have yet to submit it to the Health Inspector - but it might just help someone. I have completed it with Creative Liquid & Powder, Brisa & Bio Sculpture products.

[email protected]

Bye for now XX
I have looked on your website Sarah and it is extremely well thought out and presented.

I have sent you an email as I would like to take you up on your offer and incorporate something similar myself. I do have my Habia File but it still isnt complete and this might just inspire me to get my finger out and do the right thing :)

I've sent you an email Jen

Cheers, Sara
Well done on your inspection.

So what other H&S issues were you asked about? What were the things you have in place the inspectors liked and were happy with.

Thanks for the info. Would like to say that "for-warned ins for-armed".
Basically, we just follow the HABIA code of practice to the letter. The full document can be found on the HABIA website. They were impressed that we'd even heard of HABIA as most salons they had been to didn't know what it was!

I pointed her in the direction of Salon Geek as I said it would be invaluable to have her input on this site.

She liked that we had a metal, lockable cabinet for the chemicals, and a lockable filling cabinet for the client records (ikea - ideal page 58 PS Cabinet - £59.90 OR page 224 smaleer PS cabinet £29.90. They are both on wheels and have ventilation holes. Also, Metal lockable filling cabinet - Staples £19.99).

Pretty much if you adhere to the HABIA way of working you'll be fine. They are coming back in a couple of weeks to watch us work! :eek:
have emailed you sara xxx
I have e-mailed you also!! Thanks for sharing!! :hug:

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