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Mar 11, 2007
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I bought my couture spray tan a while ago but due to illness I haven't used it for a few months. When I pulled it out today both the light/ medium and medium/ dark solutions have got a slight green tinge to them. I don't remember them being like this before.
Does anyone know what the cause of this might be..... Is it outside it's lifespan or was it this colour all along. It appears to be developing ok still though.
Thanks for any advice anyone can give.
A lot of solutions have a slight green tint in them to counteract any 'orange' effect, but shouldn't go like this unless out of life span or stored incorrectly. I'd check with Couture.

There are some solutions that go green more so than others...due to a higher 'chemical' content as opposed to natural, but I wouldn't jump to this conclusion re Couture without discussing it with them.....I am under the impression its very good solution.
Are they kept in a warm area, as this may also make them turn green.
Its the aloe vera in the product that makes it green, it happens to a lot of tans, shouldn't affect the solution & it's result, try putting it in the fridge it extends the lifespan x
The tan we use has a 6 month shelf life once opened. Don't know if this is a general rule??
The tan we use has a 6 month shelf life once opened. Don't know if this is a general rule??
Thanks for your help.
The tan has developed fine was just a bit off putting that when it went on it had this green tinge.
Looks good though. Still like Couture for tanning.:)
I always keep tanning solution in the fridge. It may develop ok but the green colour could put clients off.
A green tinge to solution normally means the solution is beginning to go off. Most solutions will have a maximum shelf life of 12 months once opened. Green is just the bronzers discoloured. The tan will still develop as normal but clients might look a little green until they shower which is not good :eek: Over time the potency of the DHA also begins to be affected so tan will fade faster etc. I use a solution with aloe vera and it doesnt go green unless its getting old.

Green in a solution has no effect on whether it will go orange or not. Orange is simply too much DHA being applied and it has overdeveloped.
Did you remember to shake it well, before pouring it into your 'gun bottle'?
If its just around the cap its only because its been opened,and exposed to air, most tans have a shelf life of around 6 months once opened, and should be kept in a cool place, but under no circumstances should it be green in the bottle, if thats the case call us on Monday and we will exchange it for you

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