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Dec 12, 2005
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Hakadal, Norway
Well, I should have posted this in my blog really but I'm so fed up mixed with sheer relief that I dont know how to feel. Stuart got half way from the local town to our village last night and ran out of petrol. Got rescued by the AA and got home. Then decided to go out and buy take out for our tea. He's not been gone 20 n minutes when I get a text to say he crashed the car and that he's ok but waiting for AA as the car was 'stuck'. Turns out when he got home he is absolutely fine aside from a bad scratch on his leg (will get to that in a mo as even he cant tell that with out smirking). A tyre blew out on the back and with the wet slippy country road he couldn't correct the skid, hit a verge and the car was stuck because as it went into the ditch it straightened up and ended up with the front wheels on one side, back wheels on the road side. I'm relieved he's ok as he's the kind of guy to say he's ok when he's actually got cracked ribs and dislocated joint(motorcylce race crash years ago). Only had the car 6 weeks, 12yr old Shogun, and it looks to be a write off. Could have been much worse but having had such a brilliant day last week and Christmas looking to be our first worry free one its kind of gone tits up.

The scratch, Stuart didn't realise he had manage to end up spanning the ditch, or how deep they are. When the first of several cars stopped and he already had worked out he was fine, he opened the car door to go to them and let them know he was ok. It was only when he stepped down he realised he was about to have a Cayote moment and fell into thin air. I know I shouldn't laugh, cos it shouldn't be funny, but neither of us can help it. The other people didn't know wether to panic or laugh. Thank God it was our very quiet local roads and not the motorway or even worse, if he hadn't gone out last night it would have been today to take our twins for their birthday meet up with their friends.(they turn 15 tomorrow)

I'm feeling thankful on so many levels today it makes my head spin.
wow hun he sounds like he had a lucky do !! just glad hes ok , you can at least replace a car ,
sending you hugsxxx :hug::hug:
well least you can laugh about him falling to thin air....pleased he is ok ....xxxx
well least you can laugh about him falling to thin air....pleased he is ok ....xxxx[/qoute]

Its pretty much like Stuart said, if he didn't find something to laugh about he could go nutty thinking about the what if's. He had no idea ditches were that deep so he knew he might have to step down a bit but didn't expect the grass to give way to another few feet!
Oh hun that is rotten luck but at least your hubby is ok,
cars can be replaced, doesn't sound like you were meant to have the shogun :hug:
Sorry Min but PMSL :lol: as this is soooo much like my ditch moment in my car a few months back!

On a serious note, pleased Stuart not seriously hurt. xx
Glad to hear he is ok, perhaps he should change his name to Lucky.:hug:
Glad Stuart is ok.... No more what ifs? Keep laughing, it'll keep you sane!

Happy Birthday to the twins! Hope you all have a great day....... it's sure to feel super special after all this.
Thank you everyone, it certainly has put things in perspective at the moment although as thankful as we all are Stuart works away during the week and as a self employed software engineer no work is no pay so he is really stressed now. The car will go for inspection tomorrow to see if the damage is only cosmetic so fingers crossed it is as a new door, bumper, front wing, step and lights are really common on spares and repair Shoguns because of its age.

I know you all know this but take care on the roads, we've been lucky but it could all have been so different. Stay safe :hug:
bless you both for laughing in the face of adversity.
I'm sooo sorry, but I just have to laugh my a** off:lol::lol::lol::lol:

I have a twisted sense of humour and the image of him falling into thin air

(Peeing my pants here lol)

Glad to hear that all is sorted and everyone's ok!
Victoria trust me you joined many. I think the relief that he was ok is what helped that to be the funny side in the end for most people we know. Stuart's reaction when he told me that part of the tale was he couldn't believe he did it and I wasn't there to see cos usually he does something and sods law says thats just as I chose to look at him. We are both still wondering what the driver who stopped to help must have thought as he plummeted out of view.

He does have stunning bruise at the top of his leg and scrape, looks awful but isn't causing him any bother. He's been lucky. The car we found out this morning is mechanically fine, the replacement bumpers, door and front wing panels can all be bought so its going in next Monday to be repaired. Christmas kind of went out of the window but it could have been so much worse!
Glad all is ok hun and that you are both keeping your chin up and having a giggle.
Stay home of an evening and keep safe!!!! :hug:

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