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Arty geek
Oct 26, 2003
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hi guys,
i just wanted to say that i did the creative conversion at the end of january, have had wonderful results. my confidence has grown no end, my brand new full sets have been lasting on average 3 weeks rather than 2! but there is one thing still niggling me, i go back to do infills and as i say the nails are in great condition, so i infill them then go back 2 weeks later and start getting small problems, like cracking at the cutlicle area. now this is only on a couple of clients, everyone else is getting lovely results and are really pleased with my newly found skill of smile lines! i just cannot explain this dry looking cracking that has occured. because this is a new product to me i would value your help if any one has ideas. i sold everyone cuticle oil when i first went to see them, although it was the run of the mill star nails brand. might it be a sign that they are not using the oil, or would you say my mix was wrong on these occasions? it knocks your confidence a bit when everything has been going so well, but it has only happened a few times, so i wondering have any of you come across this or offer any advice?

P.S Olympia was fantastic and samuel sweets demo was inspiring! you wonder why it has took you 18 months of hard work to become good, when he makes it look soooo easy!
It is quite a common fault for technicians to use their mix too wet in zone three!! Too dry a mix will cause problems as well. YOur mix should be just right so take care to work hard on keeping it 'spot on'.

One of these will be your problem for sure!
thanks geeg,
i will make sure i get i get the mix just right before placing the zone three bead,

Hi becks,

It may be also something to do with the oil the clients are using. If you say it is star nails oil then perhaps you should try the little pinkie size solar oil for your clients. You can buy them in packs of 20 or 40 for 20pounds or 40 pounds. What i do is when a client has a new set of nails done i give them a little bottle free, it makes them think they are getting special treatment!! Encourage them to use it 2-3 time a day for the first couple of days then once a day after that. When they run out you can sell them another bottle, i sell them for 2pound each.

Hope this helps.

Michelle x
thanks michele, that is such a good idea i don't know why i did'nt know they did a tiny size! (i have been through the book like, a million times!) when you have bought a few of one brand to sell, when clients are ready, you don't want to fork out for another lot, but that offer is probably worth it.

thanks babe
what a grat web site, how did i manage without it.

I know what you mean bout buying things in bulk, then converting and being left with them. I am the same, i am lucky enough to still be at college doing my beauty level 3 so i can sell them off to the girls! But it definately is worth getting them, i know 40 pounds is a lot to pay for cuticle oil, but if you do 20 sets and give 20 away free, you can still sell the remaining 20 and make most of your money back from them!! There is a method in my madness somewhere!! lol!


Michelle xx
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