Creative Nail Academy London - OPEN for business!!


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Jan 12, 2003
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Just thought I would let all the UK members know that (drum roll here)

The NEW Creative Nail Academy London and One Stop Nail Shop is OPEN for business at:

12 Aliance court
Aliance Road
W3 0RB

Telephone 028 896 2424

After struggling for more than 2 years to work out his lease in a building too small for his business needs, Ketan Patel has moved to much larger and brighter premesis in Acton. He has a new One Stop Nail Shop and a huge beautiful new light and airy classroom. Everyone there is so excited and I just want to wish them all Happy New Year and all the success they deserve in the future. Love to all.
If anyone else wants to wish Ketan and his crew well in the new premesis, feel free to post here. I'm sure they would all appreciate it.
Not having a OSNS near me I am sooo jealous!
I've never even been in a OSNS, and one with Ketan Patel at the helm ...well!
I wish you every success for the future and look forward to the day that I can pop in and see it for myself!
Good Luck to Ketan and all your staff at CNA London!

I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for Ketan Patel... he is a very special person. Good Luck for the future in your new premises.
Congratulations to Ketan and your staff...........I can't see you failing;)

On a different note......when are we going to see him posting..........I'm sure he's got some fab stuff for us:)

A belated Happy New Year to all, (just got back from a month in Oz, it was fantastic).

Good luck and Best wishes in the new premises Ketan, Angelica, Jackie and co. Hope it's big enough now!! :biggrin:
lotsa luv Sarah xxxx

ps. I recieved my lovely Masters Certificate this morning!! Thanks to Ketan and Jackie mwah mwah!!
well best of like guys! i hope you enjoy your new home!!! :lol:
The best of luck to Ketan and all the guys at Acton...............
This is brill news, new year and a new home !!!!!

Good luck from Ruth and Faye xxxx
P.S yea, join the geeks Ketan would be nice to see you here !!!!
Congratulations Ketan, best of luck to you and the new crew! :green:

May the new year bring luck and prosperity to the new school and all of you.

To PETAL:rolleyes: and all the crew!! Congratulations on the new premises, I've heard it looks fantastic!! I am very excited for you all - Angelica, Sam and Lee!!

BTW Ketan is joining the site but he says it keeps kicking him off when he tries to register:rolleyes: I think I am going to have to hold his hand bless!! You should all see him soon! x;)
good luck
All the best, to Ketan and all the staff. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
At last Ketan - I bet you are relieved. :cool:

Got my Masters Certificate and badges this morning. Will have to find an excuse to come and see the new Acton training centre. Ketan makes it so much fun we really have laugh. :lol:

All the best, I'm sure I'll see you soon!
Kim - Nails at Home - West Sussex
congratulations to you ketan & all the team! :)

seeing as he is soon to grace us with his presence...

i have to thank him publicly for being my benchmark in compititions.

i have gigi to thank for me even considering to do nails.

but ketan picked up the baton & kept going!

his was & still is one of the most sincere & talented people i know.

his sense of humour will b an asset to this board (not to mention his knowlege)

looking 4ward to chatting to ya!

liza xx
CONGRATULATIONS to ketan and all his staff

look forward to reading your posts on the board :cool:
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