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Aug 16, 2003
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I may be confused, mis-informed or whatever but can someone clear this up as I have only been here a few days and am wondering ...

Is it correct that Creative will only sell (any??) of their products to someone who has trained with them? If so I am a little confused as when I was working in the salon I used Creative products as my boss bought them and yet they had not trained me. Again, if this is so then Creatives restrictions only apply to the person who actually orders the products ?

I was trained by another company but have now decided to get further training with Creative in Salisbury (I really want to a 'proper' manicurists course) as I don't think my previous training was top line so I am not crying wolf or anything, but I really would like the position clarified as I have just ordered some enamels from them and now don't know if they will sell me them !! :(
The training and purchasing restrictions only apply to Liquid and Powder products.

You can purchase any other Creative Products and all other products distributed by Designer Nails without their training.
Sawadee ka

This i ask geeg and now i know i can not buy the liquid and powder but can have nail polish i think no problem.

Creative only i think want creative trained people use there product i can see maybe good idea for them but i think if lady train creative and then have 4 staff she not send them creative to train she can train her staff creative way if she learn creative so staff not learn but can use product .

And if lady want use creative product her salon and not trained by creative then only have ask friend to buy product for her and she can use her salon this will come sometimes for sure .

Creative if good will be used by salons not trained by them for sure and creative not police can not look everywhere see if lady use or not .

Lady work home can use creative and creative not know them use maybe i wrong but i think if i want creative in Thailand i small time can get for sure but now i dont want if company want me no have i no want .

Kop khun ka mui .
Mui is right.

Creative does not have a police force and cannot monitor every user. We do our best with the systems we have in place but ...
There are always people who try to bend the rules in order to get the product.

Why do we insist on our buyers having some training with us? Is it because we are control freaks and elitist and want to stifle our own growth? No.

We control sales because we want our users to be successful in their business with our product.

We know from years of experience that the best education produces the best technicians and ultimately the best businesses.

In the UK we feel we offer that option to our customers. And we are not just blowing our own trumpet. We have the proof to back up our philosophy and company culture in the form of tremendous loyalty from our customers .... the best competition results over a 15 year period of any company in any country that I doubt will ever be bettered by another brand ... The best and most dedicated educators ... I could go on but I will spare you all.

There will always be those who want to buy 'under the counter' so to speak. But in the meantime all Creative users can help by not´'selling' our liquid and powder to others and diluting the value of our brand.

There are 'try me' kits available to ANY technician (with out taking a class) to see and feel and touch before making a decision to have a conversion class. That is a fair deal. We only want your success - that's not a bad motive!
Sawadee ka

I can understand little on creative and i think the thinking good because if i in England and have nail done and have 2 shop and one have creative cert for training and product and one no have i go the one creative for sure beacuse i want my nail look very beautifull .

What i no understand if i train not creative and do nail long time and make nail very beautifull i can still not have product i no understand .

I know lady Thai do nail 7 year she learn in Australia and now work Norway and she not train creaitive she come back Thailand soon she good nail very beautifull and if not let her have product is good or not .

Some things i understand some things i not maybe i think too much sometimes .

If creative want big money them sell every body and them not sell every body so them want people have nail them look very beautifull from creative people them train this good for company and product but if lady do nail long time and creative know she can do nail good i think unhappy she can not have product if she want .

Kop khun ka mui
Mui said:
What i no understand if i train not creative and do nail long time and make nail very beautifull i can still not have product i no understand .

The Conversion training to Creative is not about doing beautiful nails.

The Conversion training is so that the technician learns how to use Creative products in the way they are meant to be used and not the same way as say OPI or NSI or XYZ product.

Creative has patented products ... this alone should indicate to any technician that they work differently to other brands. The mix is different and the techniques we use are different because we work without Primer.

For more than 10 years now we have worked without Primer. This changes the technique. Wouldn´t anyone with intelligence want to learn how to work best with a new product?? I wouldn't want to buy in a new product for my salon and not know everything about it and the best way to work with it from someone who knows it inside and out. I don't want problems in my salon.

So please understand that we want what is best for the technician and her/his business .... that is good for our business.

Maybe some of the great technicians who have learned with other brands and then gone on a done a Creative Conversion could speak up and tell us what the course did for them?

Look at Fabric!! How many people have changed to Fabric after using other wrap systems? ... we have not made them to do a conversion class ... and just look at the number of questions we get on this board about the Fabric system, that would all have been answered if they had done a class?? That's what classes are for ... TO HELP YOU.
Sawadee ka

I understand now i was thinking same geeg say and i think very good idea if i go England i go learn for sure .

Kop khun ka mui .
Okay Geeg, here I come :D

I was one of those teks who did a conversion course with Creative. My initial training being with Supernails (dreadful - 1 1/2 day course), second was much better with Denise Wright (4 day Foundation course using NSI) -and learnt a substantial amount more. However, wanting more training and finding Designer Nails closer to me, I did a conversion course with Tracey Leja at Loughton. Well that was it really, it (me - nobody else) just spurred me on further to do all my Master classes and then finally my Masters Qualification. I say finally, but like has been said many a time, the training never ends 8)

There you go really, I have never in the whole time I have been Creative ever thought that the training was just another way to gain money. The education is second to none in my opinion, and when you look at all the other comments on the board, this becomes self evident ;)

Thanks for that Adele.

The experience was the same for me really! I was a convert to Creative.

I started my business with OPI, Backscratchers and LCN. In fact I trained for Backscratchers and LCN at my training school in Leeds. I was not getting the 'nitty gritty' kind of education I wanted from any company until I went out to California and found what I had been looking for... Doug Schoon to whom I am eternally grateful for his knowledge and his friendship for over 15 years.

Over the years I learned everything there was to know about Gels, Wraps and L&P (I thought) and have always continued to learn every year since. I never miss out on doing a class whenever I can. And with Creative it is really necessary because they are so cutting edge and innovative it is hard to keep up with everything new.

I value what I have in Creative and I embrace the culture of education through which they run the company which is why all we distributors share the same philosophy around the world. We have proved that it works for us and for our partners in business ... the global network of Creative users.
Great to hear so many views .... that's what a forum is all about. I hope this makes sense and it's one of the reasons I want to now concentrate on Creative products. I have no doubt that manufacturer (a) makes a particualr item cheaper (or even better?) than manufacturer (b). also man. (b) most likely makes something slightly more attractive than man. (a) ............ but surely, a manufacturer such as Creative (or anyone else?) make a particular item or product that compliments or works best with another of their items. I want to TRY if my pocket allows to use a balanced and compatible range of products as opposed to different things from different ranges just to get the right price. Make sense, or just wasteful? Your view? Am I going down the right road or not???

:study: Dee from Somerset xxx
pooh said:
I want to TRY if my pocket allows to use a balanced and compatible range of products as opposed to different things from different ranges just to get the right price. Make sense, or just wasteful? Your view? Am I going down the right road or not???:study:Dee from Somerset xxx

Hi Dee (Pooh)
I would say for sure that this is the best possible way - whether your preferred product is CND, OPI, NSI or EZFLOW, it is better to use the full range ie, Ret+ and Perfect Powders OR whatever the other companies have - besides, you should be able to always get backup from your preferred company when you are using the full range. If you needed technical backup from me using CND but said you had used Ret+ with XYZ, it would be difficult for me to help you as the cause would probably be that you had used incompatible products, equally any probs with CND and we will walk you through everything until we get to the route or cause of the problem. Be safe and work smarter NOT harder, follow manufacturers advice and with the correct education, you should be fine!!
samanthe is right as usual. you could possibly use one monomer with a dfferent powder and never have a problem. the only thing with this is , if anything begins to go wrong, the companys cannot help and support you as we dont know what will happen!! if you can, always use a full system, for example creative for your pink and white and ezflow for you colour work.

ezflow do indeed say our powders can be mixed with any monomer but i am in the midst of looking into this. i want to make sure every tech is workg to there best, problem free, advantage.


I was wondering about this too. I know of someone who works within a salon doing nails and she uses creative liquid and powders. I thought that you had to be trained to use their l+p, so when I was chatting to this girl I asked her where she had done her creative training. She replied "oh,no the only training I have done is in the salon" This is a girl who is working within a salon, making money for her employer, and she hasnt got any qualifications whatsoever. In fact the only thing she has, which made me laugh a bit, is a piece of paper in a frame saying she has been trained to this salons standards? Is this legal? Would she be covered by their insurance?This actually infuriates me, as I pay out to train, as do all the other techs around, and it isnt cheap, so to find out this girl is only trained by her boss, and now she uses creative products is a bit disheartening to say the least. What does anyone know about this type of thing, and is it above board?

Ok, no more whinging from me today!!!

Michelle xx
As I have said many times before ... we cannot spend all our time being the 'nail police' for Creative products. We can control who we sell to , but we cannot control the people who buy and then let others use the product. BUT when that untrained person leaves the salon and wants to purchase, we will catch her then and not allow it until we see certificates.

A person trained by her boss can not be covered by insurance. Valid certificates must be held. This kind of thing goes on all the time because salon owners don't want to pay for education .. prefering to do it them selves and in the process pass on all their own bad habits to the poor would-be technician.

Not only that, but it is a form of control as the slon owner knows the tech cannot get another job without a certificate and cannot buy Creative products without a certificate. It's a way of keeping the trainee under the thumb.
Just before Christmas I went for an interview at a Beauty Salon which was based within a superior chain of gyms. The owner asked me to apply a set of nails to her friend which she was v impressed with but they were fibreglass (star) she was willing to let me use the L&P Retention - I refused point blank without the training I would never use another product. Plus if I did use the system as required both I and her would not benefit - I was surprised she was willing to do this - but I saw fit to decline, even though i am desparate to find work in a salon and still have not to date, would rather not work in that situation than comprise my standards..
Hi Dee (pooh)
I trained with 'Michelle" at Salisbury and she is soooo lovely. You will not be disappointed.
Get your money up together and go for it girl. Although you may have to wait as they are busy over there, so you may have to pay a deposit and the final payment when you attend...
Let me know how it goes!
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